Competition Bodybuilder in London

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Musclefest, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Musclefest

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    Hi Guys

    I'm a fit straight easy going competitive bodybuilder. Available for muscle worship sessions around London area.

    HEIGHT: 6'1
    WEIGHT: 115kg
    CHEST: 54"
    BICEPS: 23"

    Available For Skype Shows: Musclefest

    Muscle Worship

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  2. jjkrkwood

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    Well, How do You Do Sir ???? o_O
  3. Topseed

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    Holy crap. Sexy af. Hope this stud does a US tour.
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  4. Stefcho

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    I second that!!!
  5. HopkinsLad

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  6. Musclefest

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    Thanks guys. Glad you all like what you see. If I got enough serious bookings would love to get out to U.S, and show off some BRITISH BEEF! ;)

    In the meantime I'm available for Skype sessions. Skype: MUSCLEFEST

    Add me and let's have some fun. Look forward to hearing from you all.

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  7. Stefcho

    Stefcho Apprentice

    Hey Marcus. Keep us posted. NYC/DC area is ready and waiting.
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  8. Do you do real life sessons or just skype? I'm in London a few times a year and love to get my butt spanked HARD and worship a muscled guy
  9. Musclefest

    Musclefest Newbie

    I offer real meets as well as Skype Shows. Drop me a line on Skype and we try something out. Thanks