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    If you lose your credit card, find that it's blocked, or discover that unauthorized charges are being made while you're out of the country, the major cards like Visa or MasterCard have toll-free numbers you can call to straighten things out, get a replacement card, etc. Go to their websites (like or and click on the options for reporting lost cards to get to a list of their toll-free numbers in other countries.

    For Brazil and Argentina, the numbers are the following. I strongly suggest writing them down and having them with you, along with your passport number and other vital info, in case of loss or theft.


    Argentina: 0800-666-0171
    Brazil: 0800-891-3680


    Argentina: 0800-555-0507
    Brazil: 0800-891-3294


    Whatever their other drawbacks, Citibank is a good choice for world travelers. Few problems using their ATM machines in Brazil or other countries to withdraw cash from your U.S. account. I've never had a problem using my debit card in Brazil (either fraud or just being blocked for suspicion of fraud) but if you do run into problems, or need to contact Citibank back in the U.S. for any other problem, their toll-free number from Brazil is 0800-891-0460. From other countries you can call collect to (210) 677-0065. However, there are toll-free direct numbers from other countries besides Brazil, which will be easier to use than trying to make a collect call. If you are traveling to another country where you'll be using your debit card, call the Customer Service number 1-800-627-3999 while you're in the U.S. and ask for their toll-free numbers from the countries you'll be visiting. If you do need to call collect, use AT&T's local USADirect access number. Ignore the first prompt. Wait for the second one, which will ask you to say "collect," and then ask for your name. DON'T HANG UP if the automated system doesn't complete the call for you because you get a voice mail system. Stay on the line and an operator will come on and complete the call.


    Contact your bank before you travel to find out if they have toll-free numbers, or numbers you can call collect back in your home country in case of problems. If they don't, but your card has a MasterCard or Visa logo, you can try calling their credit card service center numbers (shown above or available on-line for other countries) to see if they can connect you directly to your bank.
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    RE: Credit Card Problems

    Credit card forgery has become a very common problem down here. Thus we suggest all of our friends to only use their credit cards at reliable and well-established places: hotels, fine restaurants, nice shops etc...

    It's been known that some escorts and sauna boys do steal their customer's card information and use it with not too ethical merchants... and then you end up with so many unrecognizable bills at very exotic places

    Thus we strongly suggest not to use your credit card on saunas, small souvenir shops, etc... nor to leave it unattended with your latest beau... Only use it at well established places such as nice stores in nice shopping malls, hotels, fine restaurants etc...

    Of course you won't be responsible for expenses you can prove you didn't make, but it's always a headache when you come home... and if you can avoid it... Much better.

    Um abra├žo:D
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    RE: Credit Card Problems

    Personally, I've used my cards at the saunas without any problems, but obviously that hasn't been everyone's experience. If you're worried about your card being misused, just get cash at the ATM and use it to pay your sauna and restaurant bills. However, remember that you could also get held up at an ATM! So weigh the risks and do what you feel most comfortable doing! Meanwhile, I hope I haven't made anyone TOO paranoid. Crime in Brazil is a fact of life. Most visitors never experience any problems at all, but this probably isn't the country to visit if you're a truly nervous Nellie. If you're used to big cities in other countries and know how to handle yourself there, you should be OK in Brazil, including in using credit cards and ATMs.
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    RE: Credit Card Problems

    I've never had any problems using my credit card
    to pay at suanas in Sao Paulo (Lagoas), Rio (Estacao)
    and Salvador (Persona).
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    My bank left a voice mail on 9/03, that charges were being made with my Check Card number after I returned from Rio on 8/28. I had used it for a couple of small grocery purchases, but it never left my hands.
    After using it ONCE at an October group favorite restaurant, I decided to NO LONGER use it.

    The charges continued to come through this week, even after it was blocked. The bank says they can't stop them, even after the appropriate forms were filed with details of my return. Plus the fact they were informed in advance of the dates of my travel. Will not be liable for them anyway.

    Any detectives on here?

    I believe I know where it was compromised. I bet someone else had a very similiar problem back in Oct.

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    I suspect the culprit is Corujihnas.
    All of the m4mers I know who have had problems with their charge cards, re: unauthorized charges when they came home, had ONE vendor in common....Corujihnas.
    I suspect some there has access to the card numbers and they have developed a sophisticated rip off scam.
    Something should be done about it...but hey, the easiest solution is just dont use your card there!