DC Luncheon/Meetup in January

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Keenan, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Tygerscent

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    I'll be in the neighborhood and attending the gathering~ time and place~?
    Cheers n Ciao~
    P.S. When is MAL this year~?
  2. Believe it is that weekend. Only difference is that lunch is on Saturday, not Sunday. That was changed last year.
  3. Keenan

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    Saturday January 14th is the date of the luncheon/meetup, time and location to be confirmed soon. I have some other ideas/events in the works which will be released soon. Just trying to get a full count of everyone attending this year.

  4. V-Vhitner

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    Is there any NYC meet up?
  5. Feel free to organize one!
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  6. BaronArtz

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    I would be interested in that. Even if it is just drinks at a bar after work. I think somebody tried to organize it this year, and it turned into a massive cat fight on this forum for some strange reason. Too bad!
  7. Keenan

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    Still hoping we can get more to join us on January 14th for the DC meetup. Either private message me or post on here that you will be attending.
  8. RandyC

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    @Eric Hassan and @Tygerscent ! Holy shit! A little too early for me to commit due to potential work schedule but I want it bad!!! ... Hotel recommendations?
  9. mike carey

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    @RandyC I stayed at the Dupont Circle Hotel this year, it was quite good, I only picked it because it popped up at a good all inclusive rate (in AUD) on the Qantas website when I booked my flights. There was quite a number of suggestions on the thread here for the 2016 meeting.
  10. mike carey

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    Keenan, I'm a probable, but I won't know for sure until closer to the event (it's not a quick flight for a couple of days in DC for me). I'll be able to tell you for sure about a week out from the event.
  11. There are lots of Kimpton Hotel choices near DuPont Circle (where the luncheon has traditionally been located) and Capitol Hill, where MAL takes place. DuPont Circle Hotel is also nice but a little more formal and pricy by comparison, especially if you join the Kimpton Karma Rewards. In 2015, I managed to snag a huge, relatively isolated room at Palomar (a Kimpton hotel) for four nights for $159/night including parking. I could have fit at least half the luncheon attendees in my room (standing up, that is). That worked to my advantage when I hosted a threesome.

    If I go this year, it will be because I am spending the weekend with friends in metro DC whom I haven't seen in two years and traveling into the city for the lunch. Since I haven't even broached the topic with them, it's premature to say I'll attend.
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  12. TylerandAce

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    Tyler and I will be there. Very much looking forward to meeting everybody. We may need some pointers for the weekend as we've never been before. Would love to know more about the what-to-dos!
  13. Keenan

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    Lots to do, what do you enjoy?

  14. TylerandAce

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    We've been tourists in DC a ton, but haven't done a leather weekend before. Which parties are worth hitting? Are there outside events worth knowing about? etc.
  15. nycman

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    If you're killing two birds with one stone:

    The Host Hotel for MAL is:

    Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
    400 New Jersey Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    As stated previously, the Hyatt is SOLD OUT.

    Other MAL Hotels are:

    Phoenix Park Hotel
    520 North Capitol St., NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    The Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill
    525 New Jersey Ave, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20001

    You may have to go through the MAL website to book the other two hotels.
    They often black out the dates on their corporate website so that the nice families
    from Idaho who are visiting DC visit don't have to walk past 65 year old bears in
    jockstraps in order to get to their room.

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  16. RandyC

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  17. TylerandAce

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    We'll Hope you make it, then!! Lol

    NYCman, thanks for the hotel tips!
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  18. RandyC

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    If I do make it, you should know that I am not above trying to touch you both in an inappropriate manner... just sayin...

    January is a really bad month for me to travel... 4 family birthdays and sales kickoff at work... I am hoping to make a quick trip down to DC on Saturday morning and head home on Sunday afternoon. Anything planned for Saturday night?
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  19. AdamSmith

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    Seconding. Palomar, a great property, often has good deals on the hotel aggregation sites and especially on the Hotels Tonight app.
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  20. I snagged this deal through Kimpton's Karma Rewards program. Also, Kimpton properties have a free wine-sampling hour (or so) every evening and free coffee and tea in the morning. It's very convivial.
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