DC Luncheon/Meetup in January

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Keenan, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. ArVaGuy

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    I'm unable to attend since the date was moved to Saturday, however, here's the locations I would recommend.

    1. Annie's Paramount Steakhouse - all of the D.C. gatherings have been held there except the last two years. There's a private room upstairs but I'm not sure of the Food & Beverage minimum.

    2. Trio's Fox & Hound - the 2015 event was held there and the F&H bar was used for the dining space.

    3. Floriana was last year's location though the space was a little tight. However, if numbers are lower this year it should be fine.

    4. DuPont Italian Kitchen - has an upstairs space that might work for this group.

    These locations are all on 17th street in DuPont Circle. This is centrally located and each have private dining spaces. A private space is key for the sake of discretion.

    I am not sure if I'd recommend any of the 14th street establishments. They are more expensive and very mixed clientele. Our unique crowd my draw more scrutiny than desired.

    Another concern would be that it's rather late in the game to be looking for a space this close to the event. That will be a busy weekend for the gay friendly establishments. So, consequently, you may be in a take what you can get situation.

  2. buckguy

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    Floriana has much better food than the other 17th Street places, but is a bit more expensive. I'd be more concerned with noise than anything else with most of the 14th Street places--the prices really vary from Thai Tanic & Baan Thai (very gay friendly--the upstairs Baan Thai works better for a group-go for the back) to overpriced places like Barcelona and La Diplomate, which also get plenty of gay customers. The places along P Street are pretty disappointing and noisy. 14th is really closer to the center of gay gravity these days--17th is sort of old-timey and more mixed than it used to be.

    I don't recall us having the private room at Annie's for past gatherings although I do recall them giving us semi-private space on the 1st floor.

    There aren't great choices close to the Hyatt. If I'm there on a weekday, I go for the food trucks on Mass Ave. The food at the Hyatt is overpriced and less than terrific.

  3. ArVaGuy

    ArVaGuy Earl

    Agree that 14th is more the center of gay DC social activities these days but I would also say these places have a much more mixed clientele that may not be as tolerant of our group. That whole street tends to be more trendy and overpriced for the mediocre quality of the food. In some cases the F&B minimums may be higher than desired.

    The 2013 and 2014 events were held in the second floor private area of Annie's. Previously they were on the first floor back area. However, our group grew to a size and rowdiness that made a more discreet area much more desirable. The food may not meet some standards but prices are reasonable and the wait staff there has certainly seen a lot of outrageous gay behavior and would not even be phased by this group.

    The coordinator of this event asked for suggestions and I've offered a few options. It is up to him to choose the venue. We've already seen what planning one of these events devolves into when asking this crowd for ideas particularly at this late stage of the game.

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  4. my plans have changed and I won't be attending the meetup in DC next weekend. hope everyone has fun!
  5. mike carey

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    OMG, my sole reason for attending has evaporated! (Clarification, I wasn't attending anyway, too much snow last year.)
  6. Hey Hey Sensei If you are gonna be in DC -- Other than thugs and chloroform how do I get you to make a stop in Philly
    after MAL to spend time with your favorite BearPig??? Drop Me a Line Ty Guy!
  7. Keenan

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    Before anyone gets upset I am out of the country right now and probably won't be able to setup anything before next Saturday. If someone could just pick a place and say that is where everyone should meet that would be great.

  8. YoungAD

    YoungAD Master

    Is it really that much of a challenge to call a restaurant in D.C. and set up a party for 10-15 people, given two months' time?
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  9. purplekow

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    I am disappointed that this event seems to have devolved. I am sorry that I will miss reconnecting with some of my fellow posters. On to Palm Springs.
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  10. kewtex

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    True, but think of the curmudgeon fodder a cancelation would provide you.
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  11. purplekow

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    Not nearly as much as a meeting would have dagnabbit.
  12. whipped guy

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    And I thought that the proposed NYC gathering was a disaster. At least that imploded before anyone had made plans or might have been inconvenienced.

    Not knowing the details or any possible extenuating circumstances I hesitate to offer any criticism, but in the future a bit more advance planning might help so as to take into consideration that that fellow Murphy and his ominous laws are always lurking in the wings! At least there were sincere and good intentions. I hope that things ultimately all get sorted out and a fun time is had by all. Heck with MAL going on things surely have the potential to become "interesting" to say the least!
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  13. TopTierTop

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    If anyone IS planning on still trying to make this happen, count me and my +1 out.
  14. ArVaGuy

    ArVaGuy Earl

    I'm bummed to see that this event appears to have fizzled out due to poor planning. It had grown into an incredible MAL weekend of fun and entertainment bringing together our forum members.

    Oh well, perhaps the event can be revived next year.
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  15. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    Where is @leigh.bess.toad when you need him...;)

    Talk about organizing a D.C. gathering... he wrote the book!!!!
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  16. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    Lee was a great guy. Legendary Dave also did a great job on the organization in DC so it can happen with a dedicated client or a dedicated escort leading the way.
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  17. whipped guy

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    If Lee were in charge of the event he would have been able to fill half of the Mall in DC. And yes, Dave often had a hand in making the event memorable as well with the gathering at his place.
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  18. Funguy

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    It's too bad these things sometimes fizzle thru no fault of anyone.
    Over the years i've taken on gatherings, weekends, evenings out, etc., mostly with the same crowds, and some years they run like gangbusters, others they just don't. Has nothing to do with the person planning or the intended attendees - it just doesn't work.

    i don't know how many are planning to attend, but whoever does will have fun, be it 1 or 20! People will meet new people, new things will happen!

    ps - sure would like to meet up again(!) with Tyger
  19. Axiom2001

    Axiom2001 Regent

    Thought I'd come here today out of curiosity since this post has been up for a while. I wanted to see what progress has been made and who perhaps would be in attendance.
    Unfortunately, from my reading the various posts, this event is almost NOT happening!

    [Because I don't like cold weather in any form, I had not planned to attend, might
    do Palm Springs later in the year provided my good friend will be there as well!]
  20. BaronArtz

    BaronArtz Count

    Why does it need to be so complicated? Just say you will all meet during happy hour at a bar/date/time. No overhead expenses to anyone. I have the same suggestion to anyone who wants to set up a meeting in NYC.

    A sit down lunch or dinner is so 'passe'. We are not ladies who do lunch are we?
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