Dear Evan Hansen

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    Tony nominations will be announced on May 2nd... Ben Platt, star of Dear Evan Hansen, is someone I'd expect to be nominated as Best actor in a Musical. He's the reason for seeing this amazing show.

  2. I hope Ben and the show at least gets a nomination. Very talented kid.

    I'm hoping Bette wins best actress for Hello Dolly, she deserves it and Hello Dolly deserves best musical
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    Saw this last night. Great seats (4th row on the center aisle). Blown away. Ben's first number "Waving Through a Window" had me and most of the rest of the audience in tears. A huge ovation at the end of the song.
    I put it in the same category as "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime." A marginal notch below, but overwhelmingly one of the best shows I have seen. I will be amazed if it does not win the Tony for Best Musical. If it doesn't it will only solidify my belief that "Best" musical is political (with "Fun Home" being an example of a show that should not have been nominated, much less been the winner! or like "Two Gentlemen of Verona" beating out "Follies" for the top honor.) The same goes for Ben Platt's performance. One of the best musical performances I have ever seen - and being near my dotage, I have seen a lot. As one who normally gets upset at unearned standing ovations, I led the pack last night!
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    I saw the show yesterday and everything positive in the reviews is all true. Ben Platt is simply amazing and will tear your heart out with his singing. I swear he was crying during one of the many emotional numbers. Considering he's been doing this part for quite a while it's astounding he can maintain that level of intensity 8 times a week. I can't imagine him not winning the Tony. I don't think I've seen any other performance this season that matches Ben's. I'm sure at some point he'll be moving on to another show so I'd encourage everyone to see the show with Ben if possible.
  5. Ben is amazing and I hope he wins the Tony. Since this part is written for a high school senior Ben will be limited in how long he can play the part, depends on how well he ages.
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    @foxy, The NY Times has an excellent article on Ben Platt & how he prepares for his shows. Didn't realize he was just 23 yo. What an amazing performance he gives. He's my choice for the Tony.

    When I 1st saw "Dear Evan Hansen" most of my friends had never heard of it, now everyone is talking about it & wants to see it. Same with Ben Platt. He's now a household name.
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    That article answered a lot of questions for me about this incredibly dedicated actor. I can't begin to understand the physical and emotional strain of doing this role over and over. I was drained after the show ( in a good way ). What he'll do next should be really interesting.
  8. Ben was on Stephen Corbert last night. I didn't realize he was on and missed the interview but was flipping channels last night and caught him just as he started singing. What a talented young man. I'm sure he'll be a common name on Broadway