Do You Submit or Tell Stats Prior to Meeting Escorts?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Axiom2001, Jul 23, 2016.

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    +1 different strokes, all good stuff.

    I specifically mentioned I don't go into endowment inches :) my intro with such basic info I provide is like a virtual "handshake" to me, and take it from there. I happen to be one who likes "the chase", disclosing basic info saves time.
  2. Axiom2001

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    Thanks, men! I sincerely appreciate your having taken the time to respond candidly! What you presented will definitely help me in the future in conjunction with my "hiring!"
    And although twenty+ men responded-- I'd still encourage others to chime in! :) :)
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  3. Lookin

    Lookin "Bestower of Forgiveness"

    Over the years, I’ve discovered that the only guys who ever ask me for stats are the ones who are just fixing to retire. [​IMG]

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  4. Billsboy4

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    If asked, I always give my stats. I'm always clear beforehand of how I want to play. I'd rather be upfront before, than have drama when he arrives.
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  5. corndog

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    I agree 110%. This is exactly how I feel.
  6. Gar1eth

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    I don't expect most escorts to think I'm sexy-although @Mikegaite professes to like bears. And judging from his actions he either really does or has the acting chops to make Sir Laurence Olivier send up a white flag embossed with the words, "I'm not worthy."

    Ahh it's interesting how diametrically opposed feelings can leads to similar result. I used to provide my stats because I am in no way proud of them. And as professional as most escorts are, I understand totally if they just can't perform satisfactorily with a client possessing my stats. While I realize we expect escorts to act professionally with their clients, there's a world of difference in the level of intimacy required between, say, an accountant doing your taxes and an escort 'doing you'. Escorting is a field where I've always felt that the personal likes and prejudices of the escort have to be taken into account. Not everyone likes to hear that but escorting is not like other professions.

    I also am in favor of mental health therapists who are prejudiced against gay lifestyles being able to refuse patients although I realize they may have to see the patient in the interim until care can be transferred.

    As for revealing my likes and peccadilloes-and gosh I surely like a nice set of pecs:p, I think it's only natural. In general, why would I as a fairly vanilla guy, want to unknowingly hire a kink escort who hates vanilla ice cream-like encounters?

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    I always share my stats and I usually send a pic so they know who I am when I show up. I also have a profile/pics on my RM profile. I feel better disclosing my HIV status upfront vs. in person, easier and now just habit for me.

    Funny thing happened to me about 6 months ago with a pro that posts occasionally on this site frequently and I don't mind calling him out indirectly because he was a dick, but I sent him a pic and his response was "why the fuk doo u thk i wanna pic ofu ur pying me so i dont care what u look like its not like i am doing this on my own" (I have pulled this directly from our text exchange typos and all.

    So I didn't actually meet up with him. No I am not disclosing who it was if he wants to speak up he can. We had an exchange after that which went south even further when he tried to clarify what he meant. The subsequent texts made me feel pretty shitty about myself so I have that...

    Generally I get a good response to my photo, and this one bad time has been the exception.
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    Hmmmmmm..... :p

    ~ Boomer ~
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    It's like walking a mine field sometimes. You never know what is going to set someone off, but there would be no coming back from a statement like that. I can kind of imagine what the explanation was, but the delivery is inexcusable. There are a dozen nice ways he could have said that a picture is not required.
  10. Epigonos

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    I have ALWAYS provided the following stats: age, height, weight, general physical condition, sexual likes, sexual dislikes, and general likes and dislikes. I then tell the escorts that if none of these stats are a problem to let me know and we will proceed with setting up a get together. I'm 76 years old and I don't like surprises like ending up with an escort who is an ageist.
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    Yeah , there's a huge difference between "I don't need a picture" and "i don't care what u look like." That would have been the end of the conversation for me. 
  12. coriolis888

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    Please don't take this response as offensive. Rather, it is merely something to consider as the reason for the lack of performance by two different escorts. Who knows, your next encounter might be a wonderful blast.

    "click to expand" above to read my responses to your post -
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    Didn't Burns actually write---

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
    An' foolish notion:
    What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us,
    An' ev'n devotion!

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    Yes, he did.

    However, he was Scottish and wrote in his dialect of the time. Today, few people would understand what he wrote or said. Therefore, there was a Standard English translation made of his poem which you can find here along with his original poem:
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    Just wanted to stay that I'm really enjoying this thread. It's interesting and enlightening to hear how others approach the initial encounter and their reasons for why they do so.

    Just goes to show that anything and everything can be a learning experience in its own way. :)
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  16. When I contact and hire by email I give my approximate, age, height, weight, race and general look. I let them know what I'm looking for and what I'm not looking for. I'm contacting them, so it's clear I'm interested ... what I want to know is if they're interested. Besides, I figure fair is fair ... if their ad and pictures are accurate, I know what I'm in for, it seems only fair that they have some idea what they're in for. What I've come to realize is that I learn a great a deal from the type of response I get and I (and probably the potential companion) have saved valuable time because of their response.
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  17. Thank you for the translation, I needed it. Beautiful, relevant poem.
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    I always Give ALL my stats.....I think they need to know ?

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    The white flower clashes with the pink panties. Even if the pearls are in between both colours.

    Fix it!
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    Juan, you are obviously Old school matchey-matchey.... I like to MIX it up ! :p