Do You Submit or Tell Stats Prior to Meeting Escorts?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Axiom2001, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. I thought you were only into sucking huge cocks and occasionally rimming a good ass... that doesn't sound like mixing it up!:D
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    We were talking FASHSHON'
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    I don't volunteer my stats up front, and have actually only been asked once in 15+ years. On that occasion, I reluctantly provided my stats (of which I am not ashamed; I am HWP and thankfully look a few years younger than my actual age), but eventually had to declare the date a no-go as he had too many additional requirements (e.g., he had to be picked up & returned either by me personally or by a car service - and lived waaaaaay out from the center of the city where I was staying; you get the idea). I also prefer to maintain my own visual recognition anonymity until I am absolutely certain that the person that I am meeting is indeed the person that arrives. As I have mentioned before, I always insist that the first meeting occur in public. That is usually the hotel lobby or a coffee shop. Fortunately, I have never had to abort a date, nor have I had anyone run screaming into the street or pull a no-show. Of course, my own vetting requirements and initial meeting "policies" have resulted in many (most?) guys being ruled out, often before any extensive communication, but this is what works for me (and everyone's mileage will vary).
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    Or, as my mother was fond of saying, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.
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    I think in the world of online communications, including some basic stats: Age, height, weight, build, sexual interests helps a professional connect with you as another human being from the first message.
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    The drapes didn't match the carpet! *GASP*

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    I tend to hire escorts who welcome "Mature" men in their profiles, so I don't include specific stats on my body, just that I am in good shape for 73 and in good health. I become specific about my sexual requirements as our communication proceeds. Kissing, hugging and his cumming are essential for me. I have sent a photo once just for fun. I'm batting 1000 so far after 8 times at the plate.
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    I have a related point, where things may have gone south with a supremely highly reviewed escort whom I've wanted to meet for years. I'll be traveling to a different part of the country this fall, and since it's near this escort's area, I texted him about setting something up. He presented as very polite, and even enthusiastic about meeting, and we seemed to hit it off really well. We even noted that we seemed to have a great connection, which was a sign of great things to come. After we agreed on a multiple hour appointment on a specific date (with the option for me to extend the session), I booked my flights. I then asked if he'd like to know anything about me, and he asked for a description of my looks and romantic interests. I provided that (although without explicit stats), and it's been abrupt radio silence since then. We had texted back and forth many times over the course of a day or so, and that happened to be during a pretty frequent exchange, so the silence after my description seems out of place, as I expected at least a reply as to whether he thought he could provide the experience I'm looking for.

    I'm now trying to figure out if I do, or don't, have an actual appointment, and, if not, then the reason. I disclosed that I'm a big guy, but many of his reviews are from self-described larger or chubby men, so that can't be it. My rather vanilla interests align with those expressed by his reviewers, and we're compatible with respect to sexual positions (he's top, I'm bottom). Although I forgot to tell him my age (late 30s, by the way), I did mention that I'm black (this is a white escort). Now I'm wondering if that's why I haven't heard a peep since then. I followed up many hours after that with a generic request for his opinion on lodging in his area, but still no response. I have no way to know what's going on, and I hate that we live in a world where this even has to be a legitimate concern, but I can't help but wonder if this guy just assumed that I was white, and freaked when he learned otherwise. I prefer to think it's just that something unexpected came up, or maybe a broken phone, but I also don't want to come across as too persistent or needy, so I haven't sent a second follow-up text. This is why I generally am wary of escorts asking for a description, and why I never offer it, but since I seemed to have a good rapport with this guy, I took a leap of faith. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a bad lesson.
  9. It would occur to me that this would be the perfect reason to do exactly the opposite. If you are afraid that potential partners might react negatively to anything about you that you cannot hide (race, weight, disabilities come to mind right away) then it is in your best interest to share this information with them right off the bat... especially before booking air tickets!

    I am so sorry that you are going through this, but I would see it as a great lesson, not a bad one. I hope that you start to see that by sharing the whole enchilada from the very beginning you will weed the assholes from the fun guys. Otherwise if you keep having the feeling that you are going to ambush them when they show up and fear their reaction but hope that -because he was polite on the phone- everything is going to go well.... well, you will find that sometimes things will go horribly wrong. He will not be able to show his discomfort, he will be an asshole, you would have had airfare booked, he won't be able to perform, he will treat you badly...

    Alert those fucking racist assholes right off the bat. Your hiring pool might become smaller, but you will not be exposed to their hate.

    Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Don't put yourself in such uncomfortable situations.
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    About a month ago, a guy I wanted to see (who lives cross country) didn't ask for a physical decription, but wanted pics. He said it wasn't necessary to show my face or privates. I wasn't comfortable with the request. So we didn't meet. If he had asked for a physical description I would have been fine with that.

    Only two guys (that I can recall) asked me for a face pic before meeting. However, that's after long conversations back and forth. By the time they asked for a pic we were pretty damned well acquainted. They knew a lot about me and I them... the only thing being they had no clue what I looked like. There have been a few who asked me for a physical decription, but only after talking a bit. I usually only get asked what am I into.

    This past Tuesday, the guy who wanted my body pic randomly texts me asking am I ready to send the pics, explaining he has safe guards, etc., etc. I don't know what to make of it because I made no further contact after he made clear no pics, no meet up. I won't be meeting him anytime soon.
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    I would think communications expressing sexual acts might make an escort concerned the possible date was a sting. I volunteer physical stats and a picture and rely on reviews to see if we are a match sexually.
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    I have to agree with Juan, sadly, it's the reality of the world we live in.

    I'm ethnically Asian and I've had enough bad hiring experiences in the past where if I meet someone new now, I always volunteer my basic stats and the fact that I'm Asian up front to avoid anymore bullshit and time wasting. I'd rather get the radio silence from the get go then waste my time and money in an uncomfortable situation face-to-face.
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  13. LOL - Treat Her Like Shes a Bad Girl - Just Spanky -
  14. Agreed. Just happened to me. Everything fine in first email exchange. Provided my stats and race and radio silence; no response to two emails. I much prefer this rather than have the person meet, feign interest and just go through the motions. Better to be just disappointed then be disappointed AND short a few Benjamins
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    I offer my basic stats without being asked. I figured the guy deserves that much info after I've probably seen four to 40 pictures and a detailed description and most likely reviews.

    If he's been reviewed on Daddy's, I'll also send a picture.

    For instance, an escort from California flew to Atlanta once based primarily on my agreement to hire him for an evening. I thought he deserved to see who that was.
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  17. gallahadesquire

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    I was being met in a hotel lobby, and told the escort I was older, of girth [get your collective minds OUT of the gutter!], and had a cane.

    I was later told by the escort that "The elevator door opened. I saw you, saw that you'd overemphasized everything, and that I'd hit the jackpot!"
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    Ait's nae liek ait's difficult, Laddie.

    You should try reading Br'er Rabbit in the original.
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    I always like to get at least some stats from a client - I don't require it, but it helps me plan our session a little (and perhaps even fantasize...)

    It helps humanize a client; it is just one of the many small pieces of my vetting proces.

    Whenever someone writes me something like, "I'm a bigger, older guy, that okay?" I think to myself, "jackpot!"

    I'm sorry for our fat-shaming, ageist culture. Older men/bears, I would love to meet.