Do You Submit or Tell Stats Prior to Meeting Escorts?

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    How does that work when you say you are Fat, as I am very big, it is something I really hate about myself, but due to life, and things out of my control it is what it is right now. It scares me to say how much I weight, because I'm afraid I will automatically be rejected, but at the same time, i don't want the door to be shut in my face if I showed up. One time I called, and it was just for a massage, it was one of my very first ones, and I have a big body dismorphia problem, so this was going to be a battle for me. Everything was arranged, and I said everything is all set you are ok with me being a big guy, and he said yes of course, how big are you and I told him, he said well it will be extra, because it is much harder to work on bigger guys. I told he to go you know what. Honestly he could have given the crappiest massage in the world, I just wanted to feel a man's touch for the first time, I didn't care how well he did it. He was very sexy I thought, but out side looks, unfortunately don't always get you the best personalities. a good personality will always win over looks every time.
  2. Id rather know if my size is an issue before we start - rather than both of us having a crappy time. If provider #1 is not interested there will be other who are.
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  3. I strongly agree.

    It's an act of love to own who you are, be willing to accept the vulnerability of sharing who you are, and having faith that things will work out in your best interest. That doesn't mean we always get what we want, and sometimes we feel hurt from something that happens and we think the lesson is to avoid the situation so we can avoid the hurt. You'd be amazed at the hurt you can un-do when you face the situation, share yourself again and again, and remain firm in the knowledge that everything will be OK.
  4. It's interesting that you say this. When someone is looking to hire me and doesn't provide any information about himself (stats, interests, tastes, etc), I ask him what he would want me to know about him. What people share tells you a lot.