Does anyone have street smart advice?

Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by DrownedBoy, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. DrownedBoy

    DrownedBoy Apprentice

    Just what it says. I never really had any experience hiring on the street.

    Does anyone here have more experience, such as stories (good or bad), advice, and the general rules of the game?
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  2. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes Administrator Staff Member

    I hate to be bearer of bad news; The street scene died out a long time ago. I don't think anybody here will be willing to go there.

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  3. East2West

    East2West Journeyman

    The guys working the street have gone by way of the public pay phone.

  4. sync

    sync Count

    Those were the days. East 53rd Street in NYC, right outside of about four gay bars. Oh God, I was terrible. :p
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  5. In Sout America streets still are hunting ground.
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  6. happyguy2

    happyguy2 Viscount

    I have heard that there are still a number of very suspicious, drug using guys on the streets surrounding the gay village in montreal. Perhaps someone else could shed more light on this. Of course, every strip club has some dancers and some guys in the clubs who will escort from time to time. All I can say is they are all amateurs. You can have fun with some, but it is hit and miss. Others might have something to say about this as well.
  7. realeasymoney

    realeasymoney Apprentice

    OK if street hustlers have gone extinct, what about bar hustlers? They're always better anyway. Any hustler bars left?
  8. tbinsocal

    tbinsocal Novice

    I spent 35 years trolling Santa Monica Blvd. and Western for crossdressers and 18- 25 year boys. The dressers are still out there and every once I'm awhile I'll service a heavy shooter. Sorry but there aren't any decent boys hustling anymore. I adapted. I'm spending $80 to swallow an asian load on Thursday. I met him in backpage. Small dick but decent load for a pro.
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  9. Rapaz

    Rapaz Master

    Street scene is still present in NYC if you know where and how to look. Not for those who aren't street savvy, I'll tell you that much.

    I recently saw an older guy get punched right on Broadway in Washington heights at about 3am by what I'm 95% sure was a street hustler.
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  10. Edward

    Edward Viscount

    There are hustlers that hang out near the major gay bars in the USA. How ever they are sporadic. You are better off hiring form rentmen or men4rentnow. Unless you like the excitement of the "chase".
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  11. Dominiking

    Dominiking Viscount

    There is no reason nowadays to pick up someone from the street, being that you can do everything from the convenience of your home. You can just about DO ;) everything online. I think the closest to picking up someone from the street is finding someone at a club and taking them home.

    I once was walking in the west village alone and some middle aged guy approached me and started talking to me and saying he had an apartment nearby for us to play in. I admire his confidence but 2 years ago I wasn't escorting that actively :p but maybe if he asked now I would :eek::p:D. I just wouldn't do it on the street because you don't know if someone is truly an escort and don't want to risk offending someone or getting punched lol. But just look for a youngish guy hanging alone at night in a corner of the street and subtly flirt with him and see where it leads ;)
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  12. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    This past August I was in Montreal for two weeks and visited the Village almost every day and some evenings. One evening I was sauntering down the street and a man smiled at me as we passed going in opposite directions. I was curious and turned my head while he reversed and walked back to me. We had some desultory conversation which turned to things sexual after a few minutes and then to him telling me to accompany him to a nearby hotel which rents rooms by the hour and we could have some hot times. I said I wasn't interested but he still hung on and was a bit insistent. When we were about one block from Papineau I said I was returning to the place where I was staying and thanked him for his company. It was obvious by his expression that he was pissed. I later
    learned that I was very wise in not going with him and the hotel where he wanted to go to is really not that safe a place.
  13. pubic_assistance

    pubic_assistance Viscount

    Santa Monica Blvd. back in the day ( 1980s) was a delectable buffet of the sexiest boys. You missed the heydays of the street hustler.
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  14. adannyboy

    adannyboy Sock Knocker

    Lol at ppl thinking the street scene is dead.
  15. pubic_assistance

    pubic_assistance Viscount

    Danny....seeing two boys outside a bar looking for tricks, is not what we are talking about. You used to be able to drive down Santa Monica and take your pick of 100 hot young things.
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  16. adannyboy

    adannyboy Sock Knocker

    I'm not either. I don't doubt the number used to be higher. But it's far from dead.
  17. pubic_assistance

    pubic_assistance Viscount

    You make a broad denial of the death, yet offer no example.
  18. escortrod

    escortrod Baron

    What would motivate anybody to work on the streets in the US these days?
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  19. honcho

    honcho Protector of the Realm

    Hitting rock bottom and not even having enough money to rent an apartment, and place a rentman ad? Or being so young an experienced about it not to realize that doing the above is likely to get you more income in the medium term?
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  20. Jbdesc

    Jbdesc Master

    I don't know about specifically on the streets - but recently I was at a strip club and during a private dance I had a very specific conversation with a dancer. He told me that he wanted me to tell him what I wanted, anything and everything. He wanted specifics so we could have a good night once the place closed. The reason I found this interesting and consider it close to this subject is this person does not have any online ads or presence.

    A conversation regarding this after basically summed up that he doesn't do it very often, doesn't want his information online, and he is selective on the people he would do anything with. This is the closest I've ever found to anything on the street scene. This is probably attributed to me being new to this and the street presence seeming to die out before I ever considered hiring someone.
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