Does anyone have street smart advice?

Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by DrownedBoy, Aug 26, 2016.

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    There have been several mentions of "you gotta know how to find them. The best was @Rapaz's
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    So it's potentially more lucrative than online?
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    Not more, but at least something is coming in. Guys who do street work have ads too. But we've all complained about ads getting 100,000,000 "views" and no calls.
    These guys are just proactive about their income.
    Trade offs include increased risk of violence/police harassment and less money per transaction.
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    Still haven't heard any examples of where this active street scene is taking place.
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    Won't come from me. I'm not foolish enough to out street activity on a public forum. Especially when I know the LAPD does regular street sweeps.
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    pubic_assistance Viscount're cute, but at my age, I am WAY beyond believing the "trust me, I'm telling you the truth but I can't back it up with facts", story line.
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    Not that I expect to or care if I sway you with my cuteness. I offered my perspective. If you'll remember, it's kinda my gig to know some things about where ppl are working.
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    And those of us who are SHOPPING are also keenly aware of the places that business is conducted. So, your claims are falling on deaf ears, with no ability to back them up.
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    they're more or less where they've always been. Its just not for the casual shopper and I don't do it because of the chances of getting robbed or beat up lol.

    If you need me to PM you where then I'm ok with that. I just so happened to grow up in the immediate area and there was a sting at a place I named about street hustling after I mentioned it here, because I posted about a place and 24 hours later the place got raided and questioned by police.