Don't play wiht your food!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by marylander1940, Jan 11, 2017.

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    I wonder...are people just dumber today, or is it just that we old-timers didn't have social media resources?
  2. deej

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    The latter. People have always done stupid things. They just haven't been broadcast to the world until recently.
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    The stories I could tell from my time working in the grocery business. One would be the stock boy placing the dead mouse in the bread rack before the cashier rolled it out to fill the shelf.
  4. glennnn

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    Putting phone cameras in the hands of the whole human population is creating a strange new world, because we just can't resist taking photos (videos!!!!!!!!) of ourselves doing stupid shit! And then SHARING them with seven billion of our closest friends.
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  6. Right on!

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    If you want to see some funny, some sexy, mostly lame videos, just search for cone-ing on YouTube. I hadn't heard of this prank until today, but apparently a lot of guys think it's fun to go through a fast food drive through and rub ice cream cones on their bare chests. Here's a sexy one.

  8. glennnn

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    The most shocking thing is he isn't wearing a seatbelt!! Can you imagine coning without a seatbelt? What's next?
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