Don't You HATE Watching Movies With Subtitles?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by samhexum, Apr 16, 2018 at 11:44 AM.

  1. samhexum

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  2. mike carey

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    No, I'm happy with subtitles.
  3. MikeBiDude

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  4. N13

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    Don't hate them. As a matter of fact, I now watch movies on airplanes with the sub-titles so that I don't have to put those disgusting earphones in my ears.
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  5. Cash4Trash

    Cash4Trash Baron

    No - I'd miss out on so many great films if I did. The Insult and Loveless from last year come to mind.
  6. Avalon

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    It helps. I keep the cc on.
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  7. OCClient

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    I watch so many non-English movies that perhaps I'm used to subtitles.

    When English is dubbed in, I find something is lost in the work.

    e.g. Miyazaki's Spirited Away

  8. MikeBiDude

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    This is so true...
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  9. No, subtitles are necessary for some films and in other parts of the world
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  10. MartyB

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    No. Subtitles for great foreign films are far superior to dubbing. Otherwise it will be like watching those old Hercules films. Lol
  11. g56whiz

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    I can't even watch broadcast TV without closed caption. Alas!!
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  12. latbear4blk

    latbear4blk Prince

    No, often I need subtitles.
    I hate doubled movies. I always want the original soundtrack and subtitles if necessary.
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  13. samhexum

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    I'm curious if any of you realized the headline was a joke related to the cartoon that began this thread. Of course subtitles are necessary; I wouldn't have been able to understand the last episode of GREY'S ANATOMY without them. (I don't speak Italian.)

    In Rio, I saw The Jagged Edge, A Day At The Races, The Color Purple, Karate Kid Deux, and ET. I had taken a 2-week trip to spend some time alone. The movies were in English, with Portuguese subtitles. It was great, because I'd always get the jokes and laugh half a second before the rest of the audience.

    What really made me laugh were the two crying chickens with handkerchiefs.
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  14. Avalon

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    I wasn't
  15. latbear4blk

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    I clearly did not realize it.
    You seemed to be joining the very much populated crowd of people who hate subtitles. They just do not watch the movie if they need them. Or they prefer the soundtrack doubled to their language.
    When I went to Paris I was surprised at how often people prefer the movie doubled to French instead of subtitled. If you want to go to the movies, you have to be very careful at choosing the right theatre, the one showing the movie with subtitles.
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  16. TruthBTold

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    No, it started with one of the famous northern England/Scottish (can't recall) recalls and while it was supposed to be English being spoken I had no idea what was being said. So I use subtitles for everything if it is available. I figure I can understand if possible but there is always the possibility of using the subtitles if I just doin't understand what had been said.
  17. MikeBiDude

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    So another silly @samhexum post...too much time on your hands....
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  18. E.T.Bass

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    Major Strasser's been shot! Bok!!
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  19. samhexum

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