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    Am asking on behalf of several clients of mine...anyone have any information on the scene in Dubai? I will pm Steven Draker since he has been there, but I figure others might have additional insight.

    On a related note, is there some place to find information on escorting or having gay sex or just glancing at someone of the same sex in those parts of the Middle East where homosexuality is frowned upon?
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    Look forward to seeing any replies you receive. I am going to Dubai in Oct but will be doing just the typical tourist stuff. Have same concerns about being gay in that part of the world but have read that UAE is sorta OK - just very conservative about everything sexual (e.g. all forms of PDA are frowned upon - recall reading a straight couple kissing on beach were arrested).
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    You will have a great time. :cool:

    I was there in April and am making return plans in the fall as the heat wave and their damned summer goes away.

    I had a "guide" in Dubai, a local person. It's worthwhile to make connections ahead of time and to have a local guy show you around.

    My guide was very friendly and helpful in every aspect. Everyone speaks English in Dubai and you'll do just fine.

    Regarding homosexuality and LGBT rights in UAE check this:

    However, A LOT happens behind closed doors.

    85% of the population are expats and Dubai has a vibrant nightlife and also the second highest prostitution rate in the world!

    Finally, most gay websites (including this one :)) and hookup applications are blocked and you need to download a proxy, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your computer and on your smart phone prior to your trip in order to access your favorite sites and apps. It's fairly easy to do it.

    Not that it matters for the conversation, but they were drinking without a licence and "making love" on the beach at night time (not simply kissing) and both were jailed in UAE for a year!

    No PDA in Dubai! :oops:
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    Steven, would you be so kind as to cite your local guide's contact number via a pvt or openly here if that's permissible?
    Thanks, Axiom
  5. I guess they're just backwards, sodomy was illegal in many states till 2002

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    I'm always surprised that Dubai seems to have a thriving (if clandestine) escort scene. It's a conservative Muslim country after all. I wonder who does the hiring, the well-paid expats, visiting businessmen with expense accounts, or the native Emiratis themselves?
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    All of the above.
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    I remember reading this expose on Dubai a few years ago and resolving to never go there, except perhaps if I had to transfer at the airport. It’s not just that the punishments for “transgressions” are extreme and that Western concepts of due process are alien there. It’s that—at least according to this article—the whole place is built on a foundation of coerced labor. Oh, and apparently the punishment for being gay is 10 years in a Dubai prison…that’s not the kind of “prison scene” I would go for.
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