Dumb question? What really is Versatile/Top?

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by slax0r, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. slax0r

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    I'm a top. As much as I'd love to be versatile, it just doesn't really work for me. So my question is what does it really mean when I see so many escorts listing themselves as Versatile/Top? I've been with one or two who when asked say they don't really bottom. Is that just another way of saying they're a top but want to leave a little room for doubt?
  2. purplekow

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    There are some tops out there, who, when the moon is right and the angle is tempting, have room for dick in the ass. Clearly, it depends on the angle of the dangle and the shape of the moon. There are also some who will just go with the flow
  3. escortrod

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    Because this is self-categorisation there are no hard or fast rules as to what it means.
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  4. big-n-tall

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    As the others have said... it depends.

    Some tops will bottom if the mood hits them, if they're partner turns them on like no other, or they just get turned out.

    I take it to mean the guy is versatile, will bottom, but prefers to top. From another perspective it could mean... anally they will top exclusively, but are willing to reciprocate in everything else. So in fact they are versatile in most ways, but not in one way in particular.

    A rule of thumb... just ask the guy (you want to see) what he will or won't do. There is a guy I've seen for years who hasn't advertised for some time. I think when he did it was implied he was a strict top. Besides being this tall bit-o-muscle, I think people always wanted him to top. Every time we've met, there was a lot of kissing, fondling, oral fixation, etc., etc., but no penetration otherwise. Gradually he let me do a bit more to him. When I flat out asked to top him... he was all for it. Although I don't know if he bottoms for other guys, he's definitely eager with me.

    The moral of this story... when in doubt, ask for what you want. :)
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  5. nycman

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    Yeah....I'm top....and I tend to avoid escorts to advertise as "versatile/tops".

    It's a bad label because it's confusing. It means everything from I'm exclusively a
    hardcore top but I like to appeal to a wide variety so I lie.....to I'm a full fledged
    bottom but I like to appeal to a wide variety so I lie. And EVERYTHING in between.

    For the record....many versatile/tops....and plain old top tops....LOVE to get
    FUCKED when the door is closed and no one's looking. I just don't have a lot of time
    to try and figure that all out. I also don't want to waste my precious time "hoping" that
    I MIGHT get to fuck him.

    On the other hand...versatile/bottoms....tend to be REALLY fun. Because they often
    LOVE to bottom....but don't get hired in that role as much as they might like.
    I'm happy to help them out!

    On the rare occasion I do inquire about the services of a "versatile/top"...I make
    it clear..."I'm a top...who LIKES to FUCK...are you cool with that?" If they start
    rambling on about versatile, top, bottom, mood, phases of the moon...etc. I just
    make it clear that it's a "yes/no" question and I expect a "yes/no" answer.

    Hope that helps.
  6. PapaTony

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    In my experience, in ads as in life, versatile means bottom :(

    I want my boys to be tops. On occasion if I get the itch and they're willing I will flip them.
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  7. Decatur Guy

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    I take it at face value: Some one who prefers to top but will bottom time to time. And then I just ask.
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  8. As said above, it is just a label and a very confusing one. My advise would be to downgrade the weight of that category in our hiring decision. Never, never hire anyone without a clear and explicit agreement on what you two will do together.
    I am also a top. Thanks to ignoring the "only top" self description in their profiles, I was fortunate to meet some very hot guys.
  9. Irtwo

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    Actually, I think there is a big difference where that term is used in escort ads vs real life. I agree, "versatile" in real life usually means bottom. But in the escort world, I think it's just the opposite. They are usually tops, but may say versatile for the reasons noted on the above posts.
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  10. deej

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    I wish I could find Franco DiSantis' old post. It went something like this:

    TOP= Yeah maybe
    Vers/Top= Bottom
    Verse= Bottom
    Verse/Bottom= Bottom

    Get a man on his back with his magnificent legs spread wide and the world belongs to you.
  11. That is why I like so much the ones with the "ask me" label. They are honest for sure. Everything depends on the circumstances.
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  12. MartyB

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    For an escort I'm meeting for the 1st time I would take it that he is a top primarily. When I see versatile top/bottom I take it that depending on chemistry and heat the moment will dictate how it goes. Escorts who flip are the best..it makes the possibilities even more exciting...
  13. Meo

    Meo Master

    Excellent, excellent, mind-reading post! Gets right at the heart of the "just ask, more communication is always good" argument, because when the communication is intentionally ambiguous, it really doesn't often help to add more.
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  14. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    I hate those horrible situations where I really want to get fucked but I love to rim a guy. So I get a guy who advertises as Top. Then I go to town rimming as I usually do for a very long and deep time figuring at some point he will merely flip me on my back and shove his hard cock in me. But what has happened in the past to my consternation is that he will moan from the rimming, grab his ankles and pull MY cock into HIM. So much for Top.
  15. BasketBaller

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    One of the reasons I gave up on craigslist meetings was the dearth of tops. Even guys who posted that they were tops usually weren't looking to fuck.
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  16. gallahadesquire

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    I'm reminded of an old joke: The Difference between a Gentleman and a Lady:

    If a Gentleman says Yes, he means Maybe;
    If he says Maybe, he means No;
    If he says No, he's not a Gentleman.

    If a Lady says No, she means Maybe;
    If a Lady says Maybe, she means Yes;
    If she says Yes ... she ain't no Lady!​
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  17. gallahadesquire

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    I am reminded of a certain Very Well Respected Escort here on the site. He avidly says he does not bottom for clients. Period.

    The first time we met, I had a go ... and found that his nether bits were aching for some action. Unfortunately, I do not top, but I've never seen anyone so responsive to anal manipulation whilst claiming to be a Top.

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  18. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    I have found the same thing. It seems that fingering, rimming and the right amount of romantic pleading will get a guy to the bottom.
  19. It means: I'm a top but will bottom for you if im horny enough, like you or get paid more
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  20. MikeyGMin

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    I've met quite a few tops who are very receptive to tongues and touch, but don't want to be penetrated. They are actually my favorite kind of guy.