Dumb question? What really is Versatile/Top?

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  1. Tygerscent

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    I don't Bttm often at all... I top like 99% of the time~ it's rate someone takes an interest in my ass~
    Even when hired to Bttm, I seem to end up topping~
    That's all good because I like to top~ Great fun there~
    However, during those times I do bottom, I am rather dominant in my demeanor about it... It's more of a thing where we are equal and indulging in each other's asses or something like that... I'm choking on cock but it's like we are gladiator buddies working off some male tension~
    I can be service oriented or restrained but still not a bottom~
    Not very good at being "dominated"~
    I like moving together in a situation or being in charge of he situation~
    When people try to get all rapey aggressive with me, I turn the tables around real fast~
    I like having my ass played with though~ It feels good and it's great fun~
    So, in my mind, "top" and "bottom" have much less to do with ass play or whose penetrating who and how... It has less to do with whose doing what to who whether it's fisting or fucking or oral or whatever...
    It's got more to do with attitude and personality~
    I've had people fuck me but, it's more like I pinned them down, started talking dirty to them, took control and raped their dick with my ass~
    They are still servicing me but servicing my ass and I'm using their dick or finger or whatever~
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    I'm kind of like you. Even if I go into a situation thinking I am going to bottom the fact that I love to rim and tend not be passive makes me end up on top. Even when I am a bottom, I guess I end up a "power bottom." In some ways I am looking for a total top and I need to learn to adjust my own behavior to make that happen.