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Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by sydneyboy, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. sydneyboy

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    Just a general observation. Reading Sleepy Boy and Gay Romeo it never ceases to amaze me the range and quality of escorts in London. So many have fabulous reviews that reek of authenticity. Is there any city in the world with such a choice, albeit at a price.
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  2. MscleLovr

    MscleLovr Viscount

    Agreed ;-)

    And also with so many fit-bodied, handsome young men eager to supplement their income on an 'amateur' basis.
  3. TennDan99

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    London is a great city for escorts. PM if you have need some recommendations. I have some experience there.
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  4. jjperry

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    He looks nice!
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  5. MscleLovr

    MscleLovr Viscount

    Cute face. I hope he has a great body and knows how to use it to please you, Joethomas.
  6. bashful

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  7. sydneyboy

    sydneyboy Knight

    Goodness gracious! JacobLDN is enough to make you want to catch the next flight to London.
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  8. liubit

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    He is definitely gorgeous and his ad sounds fantastic. Somebody taking one for the team?
  9. slightly

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  10. sydneyboy

    sydneyboy Knight

    What do you mean by ''solid'' in this context?
  11. slightly

    slightly Master

    Hmmmm, this might be from a newbie perspective, but I guess I mean "solid" by the fact that I've seen his his ad around for a while now, he tends to keep it updated, he has some reviews, clear images, letter style ad copy, etc.

    I'll tell you guys some time next year if I was right in my intended context, and if he's solid by any other means :p
  12. sydneyboy

    sydneyboy Knight

    One London escort that sounds interesting is Giovanni the Italian. He has an astounding 296 guestbook entries on Gay Romeo.
  13. joethomas

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    All I can say is PERFECTION!!!!!
  14. irfy

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    are you talking about the Bulgarian guy you met? how was it? he looks hot in his pics!
    there's a quite a few Bulgarian guys in London currently, have to say on the whole I've had very good experiences with the few I have met over the years.
  15. joethomas

    joethomas Knight

    He's in London for another week - don't miss the opportunity!
    He's totally as he looks - handsome / well muscled / polite and articulately educated - PERFECT
  16. atlgaboy

    atlgaboy Master

    May have missed it but what is his name? Link to one of his profiles? thanks...
  17. joethomas

    joethomas Knight

    He has profiles on Planet Romeo and Gaydar
  18. zack32650

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    Any good bdsm escorts in london?
  19. bashful

    bashful Baron

    Well, I emailed Jacob a few weeks ago to ask if he ever traveled to the U.S. I did it through Sleepyboy as I haven’t had much luck when emailing through Rentmen. I prefaced my message that he need not respond at that time as I was in the U.S., but I asked if he ever had plans to visit the U.S., and if so, to let me know then.

    Haven’t heard back, so I suppose he doesn’t travel. I did think I would get a token response thanking me for my interest. Or, it could be he never got the message because Sleepyboy’s email is just as unreliable as Rentmen’s.

    Wondering if an trip to London is in my future.
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  20. slightly

    slightly Master

    I don't really use rentmen so I couldn't really say, but yeah I find that communicating with escorts through the sleepyboy email system to be unreliable, and much better if you send them a text.

    Definitely visit London, even if you don't meet up with Jacob, plenty of quality guys here :)
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