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Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by sydneyboy, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Zman

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    I feel like such a troll for asking this but :rolleyes: are we going to have to move posts about London out of the "European Escorts" category. ;) (Or can we wait until they invoke Article 50?)
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  2. slightly

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    Troll! :p

    You can do this IF all the mentions about Canuck escorts get moved out of The Deli.
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  3. escortrod

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    Only if invoking article 50 results in some major tectonic shifts, resulting in Britain floating away towards another continent. :p
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  4. bashful

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    On my bucket list. I agree, the ads are very enticing. Only been there once, years ago, only for an overnight, and not even actually in London. Stayed in Middlesex, near Heathrow, when unable to make a connection to NYC.
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  5. irfy

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    master kain -
    on try leonardo1984 or London_Arab_Master
  6. ncgayguy

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    Any good bottom recommendations in London? I'll be there for a few days in January and my initial glances at Sleepyboy are overwhelming. So many options!
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  7. Keith30309

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    What type are you looking for ?
  8. ncgayguy

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    Smooth, athletic to muscular. Open ethnically, but tend toward latins. And a bubble butt makes me melt.
  9. MscleLovr

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    January is usually a very slow time in London for escorts. The rates in London are not high - generally around £120 - and when converted to US$ are modest - less than $150 - compared to LA or NYC.

    So why not help the UK economy, have a splurge and hire a few of the guys you find attractive?
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  10. joethomas

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    Villa Gianni is a great place to visit over the New Year.
    Thanks guys there for last years fun !!
  11. Rohit

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    Any recommendations / recent trips to Villa Gianni- looking to visit next week :D
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