Escorts asking for Personal Information and Pics?

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by Reluctant Daddy, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Thanks Mike. I am still confused why anyone who doesn't want to hire an escort that asks for stats etc. doesn't just hire someone else. I am not putting down escorts who don't ask for that information. It just blows my mind that some guys actually think that being in this business means signing away any control over it. If I am happy with how business is going and don't mind losing clients who prefer a different approach, why would that cause anyone to become hostile? Very confusing.
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    Good to know. See my last reply to you.
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    Just a heads up, Rentmen reviews aren't that well trusted and respected here. And for good reasons, Rentmen is all too quick to remove negative reviews, and there is no real verification process there even for positive reviews.

    You'll find most of us consider daddy's reviews the "gold standard", most trusted for many many years
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    It's nice that you can ask for age but all hell breaks loose, when I comment that I do as well. I wonder why they think you have a right to prefer older men. Shouldn't you also love
    Good to know. Business has been going about as well as I would like, so I'm still not sure if there is any benefit to participating in this forum. So far only one of my clients has mentioned daddy's reviews so I'm not sure how that all works.
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    I'd say it's another string to your bow. If you're happy with your business as it is you may well question the benefits of participating here. My take on it is that this is a community of well informed people, many of whom hire and who use what they read here to inform their hiring decisions. I don't hire often but my list of potential hires comes from here. There are some who have Fixed Ideas About How Hiring Should Work but most of us don't. You've explained how you run your business, and that it's working for you right now, so that should be the end of the discussion. Just don't sweat any negativity about your business model, there'll be plenty of other people who will understand and be happy to chat and get to know you.
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    As a client, I would happily give you an honest and complete overview of my stats, just to make sure you were comfortable with my "type," but I would never send my face picture to a stranger over the internet. Meeting for coffee first (my treat), even for thirty minutes or so, would be a great alternative. Most things can be worked out with friendly negotiations.
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    I can see both side of this saga, I guess. I can only present my own.

    I generally volunteer to send my pics to someone I am going to meet - face, body, and "unmentionables". I think it's a nice gesture on my part, and it also serves to determine in advance whether or not there may be some issues going forward. But I also recognize that I may have a privileged existence compared to others: I am OUT to friends, families, colleagues, etc., and live in NYC. What works for me just may not be possible for others.

    If an escort asks, it is just fine with me. If he declines my business my ego is bruised, of course....
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    I've commented before that I'll send pics, if it feels "right". I use pics of my face that can be found elsewhere online, at more generic type websites ;) I can then use the excuse that my pics were lifted from those sites
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    There are clients who believe that a serious escort, a real professional, will be able to find some way to connect with anyone. It's a noble idea, and hooray for the guys who can rise to it, but let's be real: I think some of those "no chemistry" encounters occur because some escorts have limitations that they don't admit to. Personally, I'd rather know.

    That's also why I think it's a good idea for a client to provide an honest physical description if one is requested (maybe even if it's not). If there's something in the description that's going to lead to I'm-just-not-that-into-you erectile dysfunction, better to know before time and money are wasted. There will be some other escort who won't have an issue with a fellow who is chubby, or twelve-toed, or 75, and he's the better option for that guy.

    What I don't agree with is the notion that escorting might be "the only occupation that does not get to decide which clients are a good match for them." Believe me, very few people get through a career in any profession dealing only with the clients they want to deal with ... there's a reason why they call it work.
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    +1 to the 100th
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    As a large bear - I always mention this - waste of both of our times to be rejected at the door - which has happened
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    Hmm... this is perhaps the third time I've been asked for pics... Ethan Martin of Atlanta - Emartin

    I glanced at his profile.... and then the ensuing exchange (mine in green summarized & his in blue verbatim):
    • "Hey, I see you viewed my profile. Did you see anything you like?"
    • <Yes... query about hosting, 2-hr rate, availability on day & time, etc >
    • "Well thank you. I can host or travel. I live in xxxxxx. And I usually charge xxx an hour. I'm almost always available anytime of the week. What exactly are you looking for?"
    • <Things I have liked in the past: kissing, cuddling, sometimes oral, sometimes bottoming..pretty vanilla client >
    • "I agree completely that we should have nothing less than total respect for each other during our meetings. I'm okay with everything you mentioned however I usually don't engage in intercourse with my clients. And I prefer not to give oral. Get back with me when you can and let me know what you think"
    • <Thank you... understand reasoning and respect preferences.. appreciate his honesty... best wishes>
    • "Thank you so much. However if I have mutual attraction to my client then intercourse wouldn't be an issue or giving oral. Let me know if you would like to supply some photos"
    • <Link to Forum thread you may find interesting>
    I was a little taken aback by the mention of mutual attraction but it was the end of the discussion for me
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    who doesn't love a large bear dad... they are cute, cuddly and nice to hold on to and play with :D;)
    sorry those experiences happen to you, you deserve someone who isn't to prejudice on size

    If you open the door, I would immediately jump into daddy bear arms and get nice and warm ;)
    whether it be a 150 pound client or 350 pound client, I show all of you the same love and affection :)
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  15. I think you'll find a lot of value to participating in the forum but you might want to wait longer than a few weeks to make that determination.

    Also, clients won't always tell you how they found out about you or where they've checked you out. That's OK - that's their business.

    To me, the value of participating in this forum comes from the change to be part of the community. This is a chance to let folks know who you are and what you're about.
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    This forum has brought me a lot of new business since back when I wrote that post and I participate almost on a daily basis. I guess that's why it says "Master" under my name now. :)
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    @TopTierTop, @Eric Hassan was commenting on one of your early posts in here. He suggested you should stay here for a while before deciding, and independent of that suggestion, you have. I am delighted that you have gained so much from your participation here. Eric is someone who can help you!
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    I've always felt that most escorts fall into one of two broad categories (with some overlap, but ultimately most guys fall more so into one category than the other) - (1) guys who escort because of the money, and (2) guys who escort because of the sex.

    The former are much more likely to ask for pics. Being escorts, they're still probably very open sexually and sex-positive, but ultimately it's more of a business for them and that's fine. I have a day job too - though if money wasn't an issue, I'd just as soon be doing something else. I still enjoy what I do and I'm good at it, but ultimately, it's the money that keeps me coming to the office every day.

    The latter category of guys - and they tend to be few and far between - are much less likely to ask for a pic, because for them it's about the sex. I actually know a few who have said they prefer *not* knowing what the client looks like because they get off on the excitement of not knowing until they meet. Almost all of the superstar escorts fall into the later category - Tyger, David-SF, Andrew Justice, Kristian, Iron Maus, etc.

    If you're used to dealing with the latter category of guys, it can be a bit surprising and off-putting to be asked for a pic, even though I totally understand why guys ask - and in fact, I typically *offer* to send one before meeting someone new, just because I feel a lot more comfortable going into a meeting knowing that the escort knows what to expect and is cool with proceeding.
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    I'd never send a pic. Stats and age if they ask. The only times I would lead with "I'm a tall, large bear" or similar would be when I first started hiring because I was a lot more afraid of being rejected. Frankly if it becomes too much like dating or hookup apps or whatever, no thanks. If I see an escort asking for specifics (which is a more subtle way of rejecting people based on age or weight or race) or worse - stating that clients must be hwp / fit in their profile I move on but I still feel a little hurt and rejected even if we never make contact.

    And I also don't want my pic out there associated with an escort. I can't tell you how many times I get spam emails from escorts whose accounts have been compromised and spammers are sending malware or other links to their address books. Having my picture in their inbox somewhere, no way.

    I treat the first meeting with an escort as a trial run. No discussion of preferences unless they ask and I just go with the flow in person. If we don't do more than the basics it's fine and if we have a connection we can discuss more specifics for another session. Doesn't work for out of towners but those meetings have different expectations.

    Also... It's actually really hot to have someone just sit down on my dick when I wasn't really expecting it.
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    I certainly sympathize and understand @TopTierTop 's desire to run his business his way, but I also question his assertion that other professions get to hand pick their clientele. Who are you thinking of? Teachers? Doctors? Law Enforcement? Clergy? Beauticians? Undertaker's? Social Workers? Sales personnel? Judges? Military officers? Plumbers? Do any of these folks get to ask for stats and photos before accepting a client?

    Please let me be clear that I have no problem with you doing so, although I would be disqualified due to my age. I'm happy to have you as a correspondent on the forum, but certainly would not enjoy being vetted and rejected, or feel you were lowering yourself to accept me as a client (although I am in good shape and pretty cute), so your system works to both our advantage. Most of us spend significant portions of our lives dealing with people we would rather not. I congratulate you that you have apparently found a way to avoid this.