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    The thought of hiring sounds fun, but it wouldn't be my steelo. I think it touches on the subliminal aspect of things, to a point where I have a slight inkling of compassion for people (usually dumb fuckables who volunteer info without being asked) who say things like, "I don't pay for sex." Rather than say, "I can't afford to pay for sex".

    Paying someone wouldn't be my thing because I'm personally not a hookup person outside of the business. I rarely even sleep around for free let alone pay for it. But that's just because business is business, but that doesn't mean I'll exchange favors and do it in my personal time.

    That's not to be snobby. But looking at the reasons many guys hire is out of a need to be discrete, or because of an occasional (gay) desire, or they have a partner already. I'm non of the above so hiring just wouldn't fit my existence.

    That said, if they're tattooed, Puerto Rican/Colombian or somewhere along that latitude and has a 7 to 11 inch submarine dick or somewhere in between, and still likes to get fucked... I might accidentally leave my wallet out in the open.
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    I was just asking about tastes and preferences in the aesthetic nature of others in this field.

    I don't expect that I would ever be in a position where I would, say, rather hire an escort for an hour than a music instructor for that same hour, but playing make believe, I could think of a few names (which I listed in my original post).

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    I am not an escort but I have known a few well-reviewed escorts (whom I have hired myself) who have admitted to me that they were interested enough in some escorts to hire them. One said it was because he was tremendously attracted to the escort's ad and his pictures. Another said a certain escort had such excellent word of mouth that he just wanted to check out that particular guy himself. Yet another told me he felt hiring other well-respected escorts gave him a respite from always working so hard to please his clients and to just be able to kick back and relax completely now and then!

    TruHart1 :cool:
  5. I've not done it yet, but I would love to hire another escort. The thing that I love about hiring is that you can look and find someone that turns you on and you can have the time be all about you. I love the idea of hiring a super hot (to me) guy (with amazing forearms, of course) and then getting to do whatever I want.

    There is one guy that I would love to hire - he's a trainer at the gym I go to. I'm fairly certain he's straight-identified but if there were a dollar amount that would get him in my bed for an hour, I would definitely pay it. I literally get a boner when I see him there and I have to stop myself from staring. He's caught me more than once, and while he seems pretty cool (I mean, he's training at a super gay gym in a super gay hood) I don't want to make him uncomfortable. But ... those arms ....
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    @Eric Hassan, life is short, man: IMO you should respectfully let that guy know what's, um, up.

    And of course report back here. :)

    I had a situation at my gym with a monster of a guy. He was gonna play pro football before a major injury. Chit chatted for years and he helped me with my training. Then he started escorting briefly. I recognized his body in a (faceless) ad online. Called him, we talked and ended up repeatedly doing more than I ever thought could happen.

    Respect your desire enough to "man up" and ask your trainer dude. Just my three cents.

    As for other hires, Ryan knows who he is. :)
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    Avi is solid, chill.
    Wolf-dad is creative.
    Jakob needs more personality brought to the front.

    Really depends whose future you want to invest in.
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    OMG WOLF-DAD is soooo hot! He's 55 but he's putting these 20 year olds to shame. Wow his beefiness, his hairiness, he looks dominant yet submissive. Im drooling :eek:
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    The older I get, the more boys I find who drool over Dad dick.
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    Avidar or Jakob would make me very happy. WolfDad is hot, but i'm not in love w/the taste of tobacco.
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    Wolfdad but I think I might be biased because of his name
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    Agreed!!! But Scope, copious amounts of Scope, might get me over my reluctance.
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    I would love to enjoy a cigar with Wolfdad.
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