Ex cons and gay men

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    I have noticed in ny alot of str8 ex convicts seem to be hip to gay men and the secret underworld of worship. Many have admitted to me they have been hit on in summer time when walking around in beater muscle shirts. Has anyone on here done that? Or too daring? If you have please share your city and the experience.
  2. This thread is better suited for the Fetish Forum of The Lounge. Since you have worship, that would be fetish.
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    Not really. Some worship bodybuilders some athletes some ex cons. Ex con builds are some of the very best. Many in ny are very open to the scene. Alot of more adventerous worshippers have sought that fantasy or would if they came across them and had a safe environment to approach them.
  4. I think you missed my point. Your post is perfectly relevant, but you posted it in the incorrect forum. The Deli is for research and conversation about specific people. Not fantasy. That belongs in the forum for Fetish. You will receive more responses as well.
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    Ok to keep this relevant anyone seen kali muscle?

    Admin Note: No personal information.
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    Street scenes have their own forum, but The Deli has been open to discussion about hiring methods and general practices of hiring. Whether I'm searching Rentmen, A4A, Backpage, or Craigslist I'm always open to all forms of straight trade. Tough for me to draw the line between these types of preferences and fetishes, but I don't think they meet that forum's description of "Discussion of fetishes and stuff, not necesarily things you try or dream of doing with escorts." I have a few experiences with ex cons, but they're lounge stories, not deli stories. I don't get the impression that Kali Muscle escorts, even on the DL, though...
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    Nvr2thick i truly believe many older gay men mastered the art of seducing straight street trade back in the 60s n 70s b4 the internet. Some of it extended well into the 90s. See bobby garcia and vinnie russo and thr guy who did old reliable studios. I have no doubt 95 percent of those guys were authentic pussy lickers and by now many must be married with growing kids. What i would give to have a bobby garcia in 2018. However you still have maestros who still know how to snatch up trade from out a dark alley. I know there are some on here but you gotta coax em out the shadows.

    Btw you are dead wrong qbout something you said but i will pm you about it.
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    I've had my own experience with trade pre and post Internet.

    I'd chill with the "dead wrong" nonsense. I said, "I don't get the impression..." which is a true statement about my impression. If you know otherwise, good for you.

    Also, Beef Cake Hunter and others are carrying on the fine tradition of Vinnie Russo and Bobby Garcia. https://beefcakehunter.com/
    There's a fair amount of this activity on XTube as well.
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    Please advise on what the personal info was?
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    Hey nvr2thick i didnt mean dead wrong in a bad way i meant it in a more "exciting i got some sweet news for you" kinda way so dont feel offended.

    Beefcakehunter is a knock off. Those guys are porn actors not trade. I am a snob wgen it comes to that. There is no comparison between navy seals coming back from desert storm and getting blown to what beefxake hunter is. There are a few gay guys who manage to seducecauthentic str8 guys but they often dissapear once they start gettin a,little buzz. Diksukka,out of nj is a good example he was bringing gangsters into his basement boiler room. There is a filipino guy in miami who gwts authentic str8 guys,to come to his,gloryhole thinkung its a girl. The authentic guys operate underground these days they dont make studui porn where guts willingly show there face. Beefcake hunter is just simply good gay porn. Trade porn it is,not

    A feiend of mine met witb a 6"1 269 black muscle trade in south ohio another met witb some goons over in newark and jersey city. I will be investigating furthee
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    "many" have admitted to me ... ? where are you running into so many str8 ex-cons? just curious
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    Good question but the answer is not for everyone to know. Why do you ask? U want me to take u on a tour?
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    Ive heard from a guy on the other site that he regulary cruises places where convicts are released in NYC. (Successfully). Makes sense and sure it works other places. Guys released are given $10 and some dont even get halfway houses to transition. I keep meaning to try. Have noticed halfway houses seem to have a lot of trade.
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    Kali Muscle used to advertise before fame hit him on a gay website encouraging you to "play with his bullet nips". He had a grainy strip video dancing for women at a party back in his advertising days. I never could figure out what he was incarcerated for, but he is living proof that hitting the weights hard behind bars can pay serious dividends upon release. His solo video nickname was Chuck Basher. I love men who can dismiss the myth that you can't be big everywhere.