Floppy Rooster- Miami, FL

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    The Floppy Rooster
    7018 NW 72nd Av ( Palmetto Expressway at NW 74th St exit )
    Miami, FL 33166
    786-766-0778 Open Thu- Sun 9PM to 5AM

    At loose ends on a Thursday night in Miami, I ventured out to the deep dark western edge of Miami to see if The Floppy Rooster was worth the effort. With no reviews to speak of, I set my sights fairly low, but was VERY pleasantly surprised. Since I was at a hockey game in Sunrise, it took about 15 mins to get to the location, in the industrial section west of the airport. Probably 25/30 mins from Fort Lauderdale in the evening traffic, about the same from the Beach. Free parking. Cover $5 early, $10 later, drinks priced about average, good quality, not weak. On this Thursday night, a lone bartender with occasional backup handled a crowd of 40 to 90 people, a mixed group 3/4 guys, 1/4 gals. A mix of young and more seasoned spectators, this 50 year old tourist did not feel out of place.
    As this was an "anniversary celebration" weekend, there was a headliner "porn star" of which I had never heard, but he was the only performer who didn't get full nude that night- all the regular dancers dropped briefs, and almost all had a hardon at some time during their performance. Most of the guys were VERY well endowed and not shy to show it. A varied mix of sizes and body types- the typical Miami Cuban- Puerto Rican - Colombians were in force, some African-American, some dark Anglos, but one thing in common was each had a fine bubblebutt! Not a skinny behind in the bunch! The dancing quality varied from "shake da booty" to very difficult acrobatics on the pole, no disappointments from any of the guys.
    Club layout is cozy, a large stage in the center of the smallish room, VIP niches on one side, some chairs and table scattered on the sides but the bar is quite close to the front of the stage, so getting a drink can be a challenge if every one is in front watching. I stayed to the left of the bar and had no issues viewing the action. Buying a wristband gets you access to the $20 per song lapdance area (separate from the main room but not private,) and $120 gets a private room for 15 mins. The dancers seemed very willing to go private, and more than one charmed the ducats out of my sweaty hands. A brass pole at each end of the stage allows two guys to work at the same time, some of the guys did solos.
    I wholeheartedly recommend the Rooster, especially if you cannot or will not make the trip up to Pompano for the new Richard's location.
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    Is this place overall better than SR?
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    Kinda different vibe- both are worth the visit, Floppy feels more upscale to me, while Richard's has guys who move back and forth between Miami and Atlanta, so there's always at least one regular I know from ATL - old home week, as it were. My next trip east at the end of next month, I've set aside an evening for each, and one night to split between Boardwalk and leBoi.
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    I'm glad you had a great time at FR. I was there in Nov on a Thursday night and could not stand how obnoxious the dancers were. I had to threaten one of them with contacting management because he would not leave me alone. It was probably the worst scenario at many of these clubs: there were more dancers than customers and I was by myself. I'll try FR again though maybe when I know it's busy. I do prefer SR however. Just like their dancers better and they are not so pushy.
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    Ditto for me...not a fan of the FR either. SR is better, but I prefer to stay closer to the 'casa'...The Boardwalk and LeBoy are fine for now.
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    Know what you mean about being solo on a slow night- on a recent trip I was one of just four customers at Richard's Pompano, seriously there were five dancers and four customers! I know the guys are working hard, but I can't support the whole tribe, yet ya don't want to be rude- never know what the end of the night will bring. Honestly, as long as the guys are nekkid, I've never had a bad time in a strip club, but I usually give out a friendly respectful vibe that goes a long way to having fun.