Florence, Rome, and Venice and...?

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    I've booked travel to Florence, Rome, and Venice in September of next year. I want to add another city to do prior or after the tour and thought about Barcelona or Prague. If you were doing this trip, which of the fourth cities would you choose and what escort info. can you supply in terms of sites or places?

    I already know about the sauna in Barcelona. ...was there a few years back and had a negative experience when they forced me to wear that skimpy towel which I refused. ...so I left. ...am aware of www.planetromeo.com, too.

    ...don't have apps on phone but can obtain. Which are the better ones for hook ups and play?

    ...will await lots of replies! :):)
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    They are both a stretch geographicallly from your current itinerary.

    I personally would avoid Barcelona until the Catalan rebellion quiets down.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

    Prague is beautiful. Not as active in the escort department as I expected.

    Personally, if geography isn’t an issue.....I would head to Berlin.
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    not trying to pick a fight @nycman , but I was just in Barcelona a couple weeks ago for a week and saw no evidence of rebellion or tension....only lots of Catalan flags hanging from balconies......tons of tourists....lots of law enforcement, but I chalk that up to the recent truck massacre on Las Ramblas, not the independence movement.......

    @Axiom2001 : I'd give Thermas Sauna another chance.....I also asked if I could keep my street clothes on and they said no (unlike 117 and 202 in Rio).....they gave me two towels at check-in, a small and regular.....I put the regular on and it covered me fine and I didn't feel the need to constantly hold onto it to keep it wrapped on me.....the sauna is clean-feeling and not unpleasant...the usual aggressive dudes, at times, but that's the name of the game at these type joints!
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