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    Fort Lauderdale street cruising: Okay first thing is the guys are a mix of white, Latino but mainly black. most have some issues either drugs or domestic problems. they know that the streets is their meal ticket so don't cause trouble, they need repeated business . they look very street they are, but all they want to do is find a 'John'.
    any trouble comes from the police cruising the area. not from the guys.
    I rent a vehicle, never a white, it stands out as a tourist/visitor.
    Google the: 'cubby hole' this is the magnet for guys gay4play the cubby hole being a gay book store. park your car around the back (parking provided) you will see guys passing by ever so often. alternatively using your gps do what they call the circle left, left, left & left again. its a square and the guys use this square as part of their tour looking for guys passing in cars.
    the above is the main location:
    if quiet leave the cubby hole (US1) first left sunrise Blvd., its a long road, look at the bus stops on either side of the road, guys hang about pretending to wait for a bus. park let the bus stop see who does not get on, they are usually waiting for a passing car for action gay4pay.

    Holiday park, Google it, just of US1 has a cruising car park, mainly other gay cruises, not too many gay4pay. in the daytime the park is good for picking up guys chilling in the park. in fact kidd (black gay porn) was filmed in the toilets there

    Le Boy Google it, is a boy stripper go go bar, mainly white and Latino twinks. lap dance and private after meets at a cost.
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    Interesting post. I have never cruised the streets (I am somewhat apprehensive to do so) but I am curious what is the going rate? Do you take the guys home?