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    Does anyone have experience with this hot alpha in NYC? rent.men/godsoles
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  3. I think I’ll pass based on the following copied from his ad. Consider this a PSA.

    Sup faggots! Do you secretly wish you could worship a REAL man? Be at this feet while he relaxes, drinks a beer and spits on you? Do you need a purpose in life? Are you eager to please? My nikes and jordans are always in need of a good tongue cleaning. How else can you make this King's life more comfortable?

    Let's be clear, if you looking for dick, you at the wrong place... but if you lucky, I might let you lick my manly ass clean or stick a fat dildo up your cunt. The luckiest and most generous might get a taste of more, but not guaranteed.
    In case you're wondering, attractive muscular jock here (always told I look better in person than on pictures), not that it should matter to your kind.

    Do as I say, when I say and how I say it, and you will have a great time. But don't ever forget, it's all about ME.

    Know your place, and know it well slaves and pigs. Tribute, and tribute well, your joy will come from giving your master an increasingly comfortable life style.
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