Going to Miami. An alternative to Cuban Tommy wanted.

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by gregkidman, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. gregkidman

    gregkidman Lord

    I am going to Miami next week. But I am on a budget. I normally like to book for two hours. With


    Cuban Tommy's rate, it is very hard to swallow (pun intended).

    Can you provide an alternative that is more wallet-friendly in Miami? I am not into the boyfriend experience -- I am into the porn experience where I am a piggy bottom. The length is not important, but I do like it thick.
    @thickornotatall or @Nvr2Thick or @Nvr2thick4me -- any advice?
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  2. Nvr2Thick

    Nvr2Thick Count

    I'm sorry. I have not been to Miami in quite some time. Anyone I would have played with is no longer part of the scene. If I had time my first play would be for a day trip back to Orlando to see Big Maxx, but that's not exactly convenient. I never met Tommy because his pics used to be very suspect. Years ago he had some shots that blatantly photoshopped the bulk of his arms and upper body. The pics had the telltale distortion of background objects, such as curved grout lines in his shower shots and warped support beams on gym equipment. I hope you find someone to have fun with.
  3. kjun

    kjun Viscount

    Nice meat but too much hair for me.
  4. gregkidman

    gregkidman Lord

    @kjun -- just to be clear -- I am looking for someone like Cuban Tommy. If you know of a TOP guy, that's friendly and loves to fuck, and has thick equipment, let me know. I am visiting Miami next week and I want to have some fun.
  5. Zman

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    Yes his rate is up there and out of my league too even if I were in Miami. It's pretty economical by the inch however. :p

    But seriously he's amazing...I'm glad you posted just so I could look at the pictures. [​IMG]
  6. Craigslist is chock full of doppelgangers...
  7. Zman

    Zman Viscount

    Not a good sign usually. Do you have any links?
  8. coriolis888

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    Even though rentmen reviews are often useless because bad reviews disappear soon after they are posted to an ad, there is one review still in his ad that is disturbing because it says the photos are quite old -

    Here is a transcript copy of the review:

    Reviewed by Cabano, Feb 16, 2016
    Trusted RentMen Client since Nov 13, 2015

    pics very old . he looks like 10 years older than pics > not recommend . waste pf money and time.

    Time Spent: 1 hour
    Ambience: Not Relaxing
    Are Photos Accurate? No they are not
    Recommend? No, I don't think so
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  9. I always meet someone in public...I want to see if the photos (clothed) are accurate...If not..adios amigo!
  10. Indysw

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    Tommy's photos are accurate and recent. His cock is if anything even better in person. I've hired him twice including last week.
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  11. gregkidman

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    Flying to Miami now. Bumping this thread.
  12. gregkidman

    gregkidman Lord

    Well. I saw CubanTommy. I was disappointed. His dick shots in his ads are obviously photoshopped. Nice Top but I was expecting more.
  13. robberbaron4u

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    Have a go at an invitation to one of Malinka Max's pool parties at Casa Malinka on Hisbiscus Island; the guest list is always saturated with handsome, heavy-hung aspiring models of sundry nationalities, most of whom, in my experience, are gay or "bi-sexual" or "anything goes as long as it feels sooo good" ,purse poor and eager to accommodate a generous patron.
  14. Keith30309

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    How do you go about scoring an invite to a Malinka party ?

  15. steed8

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    Thanks for that info...
    Too bad about that dick info as it looked right tasty.
  16. DMICS

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    Hmmm....2 different views.

    @gregkidman could you PM details of your encounter? was looking to book CT soon when I'm in Miami.
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  17. Larstrup

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    GTL girl, GTL! ;)
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  18. robberbaron4u

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  19. coriolis888

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    I am not saying this is the case, however, consider the following:

    Many readers are aware that reviews on rentmen are often unreliable. Often, a bad review disappears from a rentmen escort's ad, as though the bad review had never existed.

    In addition, many of us are aware that numerous escorts, who advertise on rentmen, also read this forum, while some escorts become participants of this site.

    Unfortunately, some less than honest escorts occasionally join this site in order to post and pretend to be a former client of the escort in order to contradict the bad comments made about the escort.

    Some who join the forum really were a former client and joined the site to contradict a bad comment because the negative comment was merely a difference of likes versus preferences about escorts.

    Again, I am not saying this is the case with the newbie who joined to contradict the negative comment made about the escort, but it is a possibility.

    A "former client" contradicting negative comments made by real clients who report negative things throws doubt on the true negative comment.

    One final comment about the reviews on rentmen about this escort. As of this writing, there are 23 reviews for this escort. We have no way of knowing how many negative reviews were removed for this escort. Although there are 22 positive reviews in his ad, there is one negative review that has not yet been removed which says:

    Reviewed by Cabano, Feb 16, 2016
    Trusted RentMen Client since Nov 13, 2015

    pics very old . he looks like 10 years older than pics > not recommend . waste pf money and time.

    Time Spent: 1 hour
    Ambience: Not Relaxing
    Are Photos Accurate? No they are not
    Recommend? No, I don't think so

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could trust all ads?
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  20. Dominiking

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    Its always so interesting whenever I see two people who have seen someone recently, and both give very different views lol.
    @Indysw said his dick is bigger and better in person while @gregkidman says it was photoshopped
    Its so fascinating :eek:
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