Guidnace for a second visit to Rio

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    Hi all,

    I've already exhausted the archives here (and on BoyToy) as well as Google, but still have questions. Please bear with me.

    I visited for first and only time in 2011, and went only to 117. Felt so good, didn't check out other places. This time however, for Sund (closed) and Tuesd (packed?), I'll need to diversify.

    BTW, per the education I received here, 5 years ago I posted at least 7 detailed / lengthy reports, It seems there are very few posts like these nowadays..... )-:

    Here is the first batch of questions:

    1) Recommendations for hotels with easy metro access to 117 and NMM ?

    2) 100 R is the going rate, I guess. If I want only an oral session without fucking and without the GP cumming, is it reasonable to pay less? If so, how much?

    3) 5 years ago I was guided to a dictionary of sex terms in Portugese. Please guide me again.

    4) Any chance of finding a GP who's cut?

    5) Is 117 really open with real action till 1:00 am (per websites)?

    6) A post mentioned free same-day re-entry at 117 as some kind of personal gesture. Did I understand correctly? Isn't it automatic?

    Guys, please contribute as much as possible.

    I promise to reciprocate when I'm there.

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    I'll try to answer, but it will be spotty...I also took my second visit to RJ this last May....

    1. I stayed in airbnb-type apts in the Copa district, during my visits....nice to have a kitchenette....many hotel choices in Ipa and Copa, but look on a subway map for nearby probably know that Gloria is the station for 117 and Uruguayiana (I think) is the station for MM....

    2. you'll have to find a guy you really like and politely negotiate....I'd say 100R max for anything for the standard 40-minute session....frankly, the prices and currency exchange are so favorable, I'd not quibble....these guys need the money and you don't!

    3. buried somewhere in the boytoy forum threads, I did find a short translation post....

    4. you'll have to ask at the saunas for a cut guy.....the other garotos should's rare, you know

    5. don't know their hours....I do think 117 is, by far, the best these days.....I think many customers and garotos leave by 11pm or earlier.....check on days closed and free cabine night and all that....

    6. ask at the desk when you check in....I highly suggest using Google Translate on your smartphone or, if you don't own one, some sort of portable device with translate ability.....speaker capability may help, but can miss translation at times

    be safe!......
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    Some spotty answers.

    1. Hotel Atlantico Copacabana is a good choice. It is short walk to Siquero Campos metro. Gay friendly. Allows visitors with no problems. Nice rooftop pool. Sauna 202 is a short walk. I don't like air b&b. If you are staying for a week or more rent an apartment

    2. 100R is absolute max. The locals never pay 100R. 80R is better. Many will try to get more out of you no matter how much you pay.

    3. Very few uncut. I would forget about it. Ask around, but it will be a frustrating search.

    4. 117 starts to fizz out by 10, unless there is a show. Peak time is late afternoon and early evenings.
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    Thank you both VERY much; hope others jump in.
    I can't find opening hours for NMM and 202.

    LD, your mention of the Atlantico reminded me that at least 5 years ago there were posts about the hotel being so gay-friendly that some of the staff would engage in sex with the guests.....
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    For a long time during the early 2000's The Hotel Atlantico Copa was indeed gay friendly. But I do think that it was posted here (which is in the archives) that the employees whom we adored (non sexually) were let go and that the hotel had begun charging R$50 for guests. I don't know, for in 2011 I stayed in an apartment and hope to do the same if I manage to return to "Mother Brasil" and to the "Marvelous City" sometime in 2017!!!!!!!
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    If it makes you feel any better, my regular guy in Sao Paulo is cut - due to a rather unfortunate playground accident when he was about 12. :eek: