Help Me, Gay Rehoboth Beach Lodging and Places to have fun

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    So thought I'd change a bit and never been to Rehoboth Beach but a former escort of mine lives near there and said try it out, he'd visit me. Any thought's on lodging, couldn't find any exciting gay gay friendly hotels or places to stay, better to stay on the beach and travel to gay places? Thanks
  2. Everything in Rehoboth is Gay Friendly.

    I do not like the Atlantic Sands to many little kids at boardwalk level pool

    What are you looking for luxury cheesey guest house hotel motel apt rental?
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    I live 5 miles from there ... summer can get crowded .. DC people get attitude, just ignore them. Last year i was walking down the boardwalk when this tell guy walked passed me .. i did a double take .. It was Zeb Atlas in a t-shirt with a girl, and an older couple with them. I texted Zeb .. he told me he was down Rehoboth with a high end DC client.. he liked Rehoboth. I told him to come back.. not many local escorts ... might have to use craigslist.
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  6. Import from DC/Baltimore/Philly -- Most would love time in Reho

    Also Check out for lodging and dining -- again -- everything in Reho is Gay/Bi/Gay Friendly
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    Stay in Lewes, DE and Uber it to Rehoboth beach. Parking is a nightmare.
  8. Parking in Lewes is no treat and UBER the 5-6 miles down US1 to Rehobeth can take 45 minutes in Season,

    Better yet -- Stay in Rehoboth at a place with parking --- Park your car -- then walk or skate or bike -- the town is not that big.
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    The question was exciting gay place to stay. Where ur escort friend can visit. Hmm. Lewes is more upscale. Check out the Dogfish motel. Or there is a gay owned shingle inn on the canal. If you want t shirt shops and 1 hr wait for restaurant with screaming kids and tons of straights....
  10. In Rehoboth as a opposed to Lewes there really are Gay Bars at which to go dancing - have fun with the beach boys - watch a drag show, sing around the Piano or find some strippers.

    Or you you can hang with the pissy queens and pushy lesbians of Lewes where you can't get a beer for under $10 or a salad for under $20.

    The one exception being the Burger Bar at the Ferry Terminal -- Mixed Crowd - Gay/Straight/Fun/Music/Ballgames/Great Breeze/Great View/Great Burger! and within crawling distance of friends houses so if we have to much fun --- something that is hard to do in Lewes.

    Although the Bar at the Marina can be fun on weekends and the clams are usually great!

    If you are familiar with Fire Island --- Think 0r Rehobeth as Cherry Grove - (YAY!!!!!!) and Lewes as The Piiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeeesssss (Ugh - Oh Calvin how droll! You know as Elaine Stritch said to me right after she died . . . )
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    I don't know that there are really any "exciting" gay places to stay. Avenue Inn is a pretty nice place. I've stayed there a couple of times. Their satellite hotel Avenue II is maybe a little more private in that it's away from the main hotel and has outside corridors. But either way you wouldn't have any issues with bringing some company to your room.

    In season there aren't many bargains to be had - especially on weekends. So be prepared for some sticker shock. I agree that staying at a place in town where you can park you car is a good idea. It's very easy to walk around town. But parking passes are also not super expensive if you park on the street.

    The motels out on Rt 1 are a bit cheaper, but then you have the issue of getting into town, parking, etc. There are some BnB type places but the only ones of those I've stayed in were pretty creaky with paper-thin walls. Tons of house rentals around town though - if you stay for a week those can be relatively economical.
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    I stay at the Shore Inn. It's friendly and convenient to bars. The beach is a hike but a nice walk