Hijack Virus?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by OneFinger, Aug 23, 2016.

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    Last weekend I clicked on a link in a review to see a profile on another site. Immediately a number of pop-up windows opened and they said my computer had been taken over and gave me number to call and pay the "ransom" to get access to my files.

    I immediately shut down my computer and ran a full scan. Several "nasties" were found and cleaned. I still have access to my files and it doesn't appear my computer has been compromised. Am I safe or is something more I should do? I also backup to an external hard drive and a cloud site. I've disabled these after the warning. Is it safe to do another backup?
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    If your virus scan says your machine is clean, it should be safe to do another backup.

    Some of these exploits don't actually infect you. They want to get your phone # when you call (which they can sell) and your credit card # (which they can charge, and then sell).
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    Thanks for the confirmation.