Holy Shit...what hapened to Backpage?

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Kippy, Jan 9, 2017.

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    There's a thread about this in "The Lounge" as well. I don't think the target this time was male escorts specifically, but those are indeed gone with the rest of them.
  3. When cases of sex trafficking get busted, they tend to scoop up the whole thing and lock it out. That said...there are still boys selling dates in the dating section on Backpage.
  4. How can Rentmen survive doing what they do if Backpage can't do it any more?
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    Make America STRAIGHT Again
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    MSNBC just interviewed the 2 senators (Rob Portman, democrat Claire McCaskill) at the front line of this investigation into Backpage. The key words they used were "girls" and "children." Not one mention was made specifically of gay activities. I think you're jumping to conclusions that aren't really there. Could actions like this lead to shutting down gay sites too? Sure. But I think the primary focus is on prostitution in general, and child sex trafficking specifically - NOT in specifically restricting gay escorts.
  7. If their real focus is on protecting children and sex trafficking, we should be okay. However, if they are focused on "prostitution in general," then we are in trouble.
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    BP was sort of garbage anyway.
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    Yes. But I was specifically responding to MassageGuy's comment "Make America STRAIGHT again," which is clearly NOT what this is all about.
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    Silly, if you think it's today's current politics (cute slogan?)....it's an ongoing federal arm twisting
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    It's because RM's "corporate" site is based in Europe somewhere. Same with men4rent.
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    "Make America straight again!" Maybe I am interested:


    I'll gladly keep my eye on Jared Kushner for the next four years!


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    Remember when cars like that had glorious fins and acres of chrome and wonderful colors. Each car was distinct and could be identified hundreds of feet away. "The good old days."
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    That was the original charge against RB too. That and money laundering. However, they just settled for plain old prostitution charges which is really all it was about in the first place.
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    RB was a low hanging fruit for them. Just too hard to resist.
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    Yeah, RM is "freaky deaky Dutch": Netherlands-based.