How late is too late?

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  1. kaboom35

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    How late is too late to send an escort a text? Is there rules for this? Nothing in his ad states his preferred way of contacting him. It's 11:30pm his time right now.
  2. If you were looking to hire right now, go ahead and text. But as you said "his time", I'm guessing you're not even in the same state. So what's the harm in waiting til tomorrow, and not risking potentially pissing him off? Also, email is a great way to discuss future bookings. He may have texts set to wake him up (as they may mean an imminent booking), less likely an email (as they usually imply some future meeting).

    Kevin Slater
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  3. rvwnsd

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    I use the same principal for an escort as I do anyone else - no texting/calling after 9:00 PM.
  4. jjperry

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    That’s exactly what I’d do if I were a client. I don’t think any escort would be pleased to be called or messaged after that time anyway. I certainly wouldn’t.
  5. OliverSaks

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    Getting a text late at night is at most a minor nuisance, and more likely, it would be welcomed as a shot at another client. (I don't mind late night texts)

    Repeat calls at night, on the other hand...
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  6. I agree with this. And - it's possible to set your phone to "do not disturb" - that's something I do when I go to sleep so that folks can still text or call, but if I'm not willing to be woken, I won't be. Not everyone will use this approach but I think many people make sure they won't hear the phone if they don't want to hear the phone, so I would think you'd be safe to go ahead and send a late late text - like Kevin says - IF you're looking to hire at the time.
  7. TopTierTop

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    I don't mind getting text messages at any time; however if it is after 11pm, it is unlikely I would see it until the next day. My RM profile states that I work 10am to 10pm 7 days a week, so I don't often get messages late at night. If someone I have never had any communication with before sends me a message late at night looking for "right now," even if I am awake, I typically don't reply at all. I prefer not to be a last minute middle of the night impulse. The money is not important enough to me to take the chance that I am taking advantage of someone who may not have thought it through.
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  8. OliverSaks

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    Big fat roll of my eyes to the last part.
    Grown men are contacting you for a reason; impulse buys are a part of our consumer culture and nearly any business deals with them.

    If you were talking about the impulsivity as it relates to euphoric subsTances, as a matter of personal safety, I've made that decision myself, and I take back my eye roll.
  9. TopTierTop

    TopTierTop Knight

    I never meet anyone if I have reason to believe it is just an impulse that they may not be able to afford or might regret for any reason. I can't even think of a time that I met a client that I have not had some conversation with first and was not booked in advance. I just don't do "right now." I think that is a different model than what I am willing to have.
  10. OliverSaks

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    Isn't it equally as possible that they could be happy with their decision to splurge on you?
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  11. TopTierTop

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    Of course. ALL of my clients are. Wouldn't have it any other way. But I am more than willing to miss out on a client and do things the way I am most comfortable with. And as they say... If it ain't broke... In other words, this is what works for me. I am not suggesting a rule that all escorts should follow.
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  12. Dominiking

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    Like others above have said, I do not mind getting a text at any time... just don't get mad if I don't answer a minute later :p
    I always try to answer texts and calls as quickly as I see them, but sometimes I cannot as Im showering, busy with something or someone :p, or sleeping lol.

    Im off for winter break till the end of this month so my schedule is more so flexible as far being able to meet people late so if you text me late.

    As far as clients wanting to meet "right now" It doesn't bother me, just know that its going to take some time to connect but I will try my hardest to try to meet the soonest i possibly can... I always say the extra 10-20 minutes for an escort to get clean and ready for you is better than someone coming over unclean and not ready:oops:;) unless your into musty dirty guys which can be hot to some people too :p ;)
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  13. after being stood up one night, with $300 in my pocket and very horny, at 11:30 or so I texted a guy I'd seen a few times earlier that summer, saying I knew it was late, and last-minute, but wondering if he was available. He was, and we had a great time. I wouldn't have been at all annoyed if he didn't even respond, given the hour.
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  14. Keith30309

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    I've been in this exact situation a couple of times. I'm curious if you let the second guy know that he was a plan B and if there was a negative reaction? Would any escort react negatively to discovering they were a Plan B?
  15. I honestly don't remember if I did or not, but I'm leaning towards no; it just seems like unnecessary information, and there was definitely no negative reaction on his part.
  16. MiamiLooker

    MiamiLooker Count

    Why would anyone ever do this?
  17. Keith30309

    Keith30309 Earl

    There's no reason to overtly do this, however, I have a semi-regular in another city I travel to periodically and I always schedule a couple of days in advance.
    If I call him out of the blue at 9:00 one evening with "Hey-I'm in town....can you come over" it would be atypical and might prompt a question. My question to escorts is would this be a sensitive situation.
  18. "I suddenly find myself available" might just as well mean a cancellation from a friend. Personally, I don't care what brings you to my doorstep, but as we're dabating whether others would or not, seems polite not to raise the issue.

    Kevin Slater
  19. Edward

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    • Probably not after 9. But I have a couple of semi regular guys that dont keep regular hours. It is not unusual to get a text from them after midnight. I think you can text any time. Just dont be upset if you dont get a reply till the next day.
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