How to know which post someone is replying to

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Kevin Slater, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. How can I tell which post someone is replying to? I'll often see "great post!" or something, but I have no idea which post from all those above the guy is referring to.

    Kevin Slater
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  2. Truereview

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    Great post!
  3. mike carey

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    Smart arse!
  4. Truereview

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    Too funny!
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  5. Guy Fawkes

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    Great Post! (all depends on them)
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  6. nycman

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    OMG.....that's the Best Post Ever!
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  7. Truereview

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    You, sir, are a racist!
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  8. nycman

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    Your post is soooooo WRONG!
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  9. SundayZip

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    Thank-you. :)
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  10. AdamSmith

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    "The main obligation is to amuse yourself."

    S.J. Perelman
  11. bigvalboy

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  12. deej

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    If they don't quote the post they're replying to you can't tell. The loss of threading is one of my biggest gripes in ALMOST ALL web-based message boards that are not proprietary/self-built.
  13. gallahadesquire

    gallahadesquire Marquess

    Be Kind to one another, and ALWAYS quote what you are referring to, even if it's just the previous post. Then questions like this don't come up, and I assume the entire data taken from the quote is just enough to say {[usename] & [numetical post or some other ID]}. Kind of like the way posting pictures works around here.
  14. deej

    deej Administrator

    The easy way to quote is to hit the "reply" link in the lower right corner of the post you're replying to (as I did here). It will automatically be quoted. (You can edit out the part(s) you're not replying to. Just don't mess with the brackets around quote/endquote.)
  15. gallahadesquire

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    Thank you, Sir. It's what I meant.
  16. East2West

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    Another option, when just wanting to use a single sentence or small portion of quote, is to right click and highlight the single sentence or whatever portion of the post you want to use and the +quote bubble pops up. Click that and then click the insert quote button in the area where you are typing your response:
    It also prevents accidentally messing with the quote/endquote command characters and brackets:
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  17. Oh, cool. Didn't know that.

    Kevin Slater
  18. mike carey

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    Kevin, don't be like that!
  19. nycman

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    Sooo cool.....

    I always wondered how you freaks had so much time to paste together multiple snipet quotes.
  20. glennnn

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    Can't we also use the @ key + the name of the poster we want to refer to? As in @deej . I believe this gives the poster an alert..??