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    Client has been seeing an escort, say every other month for over a year. Client has been generous with tips, gifts, etc. Escort raises rates 20%. At next visit, escort asks for the new amount. So, established clients are expected to pay the same as a new client? I mean, he's worth the extra, but he's also bumping against my budget. Thoughts, gentlemen?
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    His rate is his rate. A discount for an established client might be nice, but it shouldn't be expected. If the cost is an issue, be less generous with tips, gifts, etc.

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  3. Totally agree. Any other business has the right to raise prices.
  4. purplekow

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    20% increase in any business would have me looking elsewhere, this would not be any different. I would tell the escort, here is the 20% for this encounter though I think that if you have changed my rate for your services, you should let me know before the service is rendered.
    I would love to return at the old rate and if that is acceptable, let me know. If not, thanks for your past services, they were adequate for my needs.
    He has made it clear that it is not personal, it is business and it is fair in business to raise rates and it is fair in business to ask for a discount, a maintenance of an established rate or to say goodbye. After that brief and polite conversation, the balls are in his court.
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  5. Agreed. If the 20% increase falls within what you used to tip, feel free to keep paying the same amount. If not, decide whether you want to bump up to the new fee (probably sans tip) or look elsewhere.

    Kevin Slater
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  6. feldersteve

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    Well said; and indeed, his magnificent balls are in his court.
  7. BabyBoomer

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    What was he charging before the rate increase?

    ~Boomer ~
  8. not2rowdy

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    Being the non-confrontational guy I am I’d approach this one of two ways.

    If I absolutely had to have him in my rotation repertoire I would likely change our meeting from every other month to every third month. I would suck up the “missing” sessions with some less expensive alternative. Hopefully the amount he would receive for 1/3 months would be less than 1/2 months even including the new less expensive alternative. Might have to be less generous with tips and extras to make sure that happens.

    If I didn’t absolutely need to have him in my rotation then I would just go shopping.

    Both the above have a pretty strong potential of dissing the provider.

    In neither instance would I have a confrontation nor even bargain his rate. Especially if he didn’t advise of the new rate prior to arrival. If you did know of the new rate you should have had a discussion prior to conducting the session. If, and when, he inquires as to why you aren’t seeing each other as often I would say the new rate bumps above my budget. The ball is then back in his court.

    Or you can just pay the increase and keep doing the tip and extras. That will make him happy but likely affect your feelings (and chemistry) at future sessions. I suspect there are already some negative vibes that have developed or this thread wouldn’t have been started - hypothetically speaking….

    You should start shopping.

    P.S. I suspect this scenario has happened to most of us. It’s happened to me. I went shopping.
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    Damn! I love you guys! Very insightful, thoughtful, analytical, and well-written replies. I need to ponder all this a bit. The rate? 250 up to 300. Let's see, if I trade the Alfa for a used Toyota, and give up my NFL season tickets ... hmmm,m
  10. not2rowdy

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    This is also a good example of how to loose a client.

    Let’s assume there is no ulterior motive on the part of the escort to intentionally dump this client(s). Such as intentional downsizing client base due a new job requiring more time, going back to school, etc.

    The provider should have contacted his valuable clients, before the next meeting, and given an explanation - and recognized past generosity. Lets say the provider was receiving 250 plus 30 extra as a tip and gifts averaging an additional 20. Total 300. Now he’s advertising 300. He already has a client that has, in actuality, been paying 300.

    So the provider emails the client and says something like:

    Hey George! As you may have noticed in my ad I’ve been forced to raise my rate. Inflation is getting me just like anyone else. My rent has gone up. Medical and car insurance is going up. Now the government is on my ass for my student loans.

    I really appreciate having you as a client and I want to acknowledge the tips and extras you’ve always thrown in. I’m hoping we can reach a compromise that helps my situation out a little without making you feel slighted. I’m willing to negotiate our “total package”. Give me a call so we can chat!

    Having received that, in advance, would this thread have been started?
  11. cany10011

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    Seeing an escort every other month for a year , means the client saw the escort six times. To me, I don't know if that would hypothetically constitute being called a "regular"...
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  12. BSR

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    I agree with cany10011 - once every other month to me is "regular" in terms of frequency, but not often enough to be considered a "regular" in terms of percentage of the escort's overall business. I just don't feel so all fired up important that I would ever expect communication like now2rowdy proposed from an escort I saw once every other month, or even once every other week. When I go into Starbucks, which seems to be constantly inching up their prices, I don't expect a discount or for the Starbucks corporation to "work something out" that would make me OK with the increases, despite my years of loyal (more like addicted) business.

    The annual difference between six sessions at $250 and $300 is $300 total. What I would do in the OP's case is cut out the gifts entirely. I have no idea what these gifts are, but I doubt it would make a lick of difference in his chemistry with the escort if the gift-giving stopped. Then I would consider reducing the amount I tipped the escort because after all tipping is optional. I would ask the escort if he'd be OK with less in tips because escorts have vastly differing attitudes about tips. Some appreciate tips (of course) but never expect them whereas some expect tips in the same way that waiters and bartenders do. Hopefully the escort is in the former category. But if it's clear that the escort would be unhappy with less in tips, then I'd tip the same and just see the escort five times a year instead of six.

    Like anybody else, we clients would be very unhappy if we worked the same job for years without a salary increase. That's why it baffles me that some clients get so bent out of shape whenever one of our "regular" (however one defines the term) escorts increases his rates. No matter how friendly you are with a regular escort, no matter how scorching hot the sex may be, it's not personal. It's business.
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  13. purplekow

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    BSR since it is business, why would you ask about tips? Tips are optional period, otherwise his rate is really higher. The escort may expect them, especially if it has been the pattern the OP had established, but the escort has the right to change his rates and the client has the right to cut or stop his tips. The escort then has the right to decide he would rather not have the client as a patron.
    More directly, money is the number 1 reason marriages break up. It probably is the number 2 reason clients leave escorts, boredom is likely the first
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  14. BSR

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    Yes, absolutely, tipping is 100% optional. As you point out, the sword cuts both ways. If the client reduces the tip amount, then the escort can choose whether or not to continue seeing that client. In this case, however, the client seems quite attached to his regular working guy. If the chemistry with his favorite working guy is that important to the client, then I think it's better to just cut back on one session a year - hey, you still get five really hot romps - than it is to lose his favorite escort altogether. Just my opinion.
  15. latbear4blk

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    This is business. He has all the right to raise his rate. You have all the right to take your dollars to someone else. If you think he worths the 300, pay. If not, move to the next.
    By the way, I have been hiring my longest regular for almost 3 years. He is still keeping the original deal, even when he raised his published fee.
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  16. bashful

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    Curious what you think would have happened had you only brought enough money for what had been his usual fee? How do you think he would have reacted?
  17. sincitymix

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    jeebus. i am definitely over tipping :O
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  18. purplekow

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    There is something hot about familiar, there is something incendiary about new. Granted, sometimes new looks like it will be incendiary and the wick doesn't get lit or the fire doesn't burn. So I guess it is up to individual taste, a new guy that may give you an experience anywhere on the scale or a more expensive romp with a known commodity. I would not usually use commodity to describe an escort, but in this case, it seems the illusion is gone and so all that is left is business.
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  19. Zman

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    Has anyone gone the other way? If your budget can afford the rate of an escort you've seem multiple times have you ever asked for a discount? Or do you just stop seeing him?
  20. rvwnsd

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    If you have been giving him tips and gifts, which are typically over and above the published rate, the solution is simple: skip the tips and gifts and pay him $300 per hour. Problem solved.