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    There is inflation, but inflation is not 20% per year. Nor has it been 10% per year during the last 2 years. I would ask the escort whether there will be an improvement in the level of services to justify the 20% increase ...

    At the very least, I would stop tipping.
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    These are great replies. To add to the discussion, my research shows I saw him 7 times in 2016 and spent roughly a total of $250 on gifts, like a bottle of wine, music, leather, movie tix, etc. but if I'm honest, each session has been a little less in terms of passion and satisfaction. I'm sure that's common - the first time is wowza, but then it tapers off. He's a great guy, and I'm very fond of him. I'm thinking of paying the new fee, that has been suggested, and cutting back a bit on the gifting. And there are new fish in the sea as well.
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    You might want to come to the realization that you’re simply just another client to him. If his service warrants the tips and gifts, then go ahead and continue giving them, but be careful that you’re not trying to buy his friendship.
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    @rvwnsd : If you have been giving him tips and gifts, which are typically over and above the published rate, the solution is simple: skip the tips and gifts and pay him $300 per hour. Problem solved.
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    I don’t think that would solve the problem at all.

    Put yourself in the escort’s shoes. You’ve been seeing a client on a regular (yes - regular) basis 6 times in the past year. The client has paid the advertised rate of of $250 and also given tips and gifts worth an additional (insert amount). Total value being $1500 plus (insert amount).

    I, the escort, have raised my rate to $300. The client is feeling a bit dissed. But the escort may not be aware of the client’s feelings.

    No discussion IRT the “total compensation package” has taken place. Do I, the escort, have a subliminal expectation that I will continue to receive the previous (insert amount) of tips and gifts along with my new rate? And if I don’t receive those bonuses will I, the escort, be able to maintain the chemistry of the meet?

    Only the escort can answer that.

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    @feldersteve : …but if I'm honest, each session has been a little less in terms of passion and satisfaction….
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    The client states he’s already been seeing a drop off of chemistry during recent meets.

    If the client wants to salvage the relationship he should initiate a conversation with the escort, discuss how the rate increase has pushed his budget and see if there is a satisfactory mutual solution. That solution may be fewer meetings, or a reduction in tips and gifts, maybe a “partial grandfathering” of the rate. But unless both parties go into the next session with their concerns resolved the chemistry will not be there for a truly successful session.

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  5. Of course they are free to do whatever they want to do, but an escort who is so ready to discard a regular (yes 6 meetings a year is a regular) who is a generous tipper and showers them with gifts-- has a very strange business model at best. Price increases aren't always avoidable, but smart businesses and businessman can find better ways to minimize their impact (i.e. a discussion in person after their next visit together). There is also a cost to replacing a regular customer if it comes to that.
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    In the coming year see him 4 times instead of 6. Curtail the gifts, since it sounds as though they are falling on deaf ears anyway. After visit #2, ask yourself if the experience is worth the money.
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    Were I the escort I would not have raised the rates on a client who has hired me six times in the past year. Even if he hired me four times a year, I would not raise the price given the tipping and gifts.

    That's because there is no so-called "total compensation package." The escort charged $250 per hour and was paid that. That's his compensation. Tips and gifts are just that - tips and gifts. There also was no discussion of a rate increase until it was time to pay the escort.

    There should be no expectation of continued receipt of business in general, let alone receipt of tips and gifts.

    True, only the escort can answer that. However, an escort who does not maintain the chemistry of the meet because he did not receive a tip the last time should probably consider a different line of work.

    Where is the escort's responsibility to maintain the relationship with a client who has hired him six times in the last year?

    To me, it is not a matter of pushing a budget. The escort sprang a price increase on the client at the meeting. That's a very unwise and dishonest business practice. The client could initiate a conversation, but this isn't about the client or his budget. This is about an escort raising his rate and informing his client of the rate increase at the time of the session. Had he notified the client in advance, I would feel differently. But he didn't.

    There's no need for the client to discuss whether tips and gifts are offered. They are bonuses. Bonuses are extra. They are rewards for great service. In addition to a dishonest business practice, the escort wasn't performing as well as he had. That does not deserve a tip or gift in my book.
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    Was that mentioned in one of the posts? If so, I must have missed it. I got the impression he knew about the rate increase before the session.

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    The OP isn't clear how and where he learned of the rate increase.
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    Based on the context

    I'm interpreting that to mean he learned of the price increase when the escort asked for the new rate.

    @feldersteve , when did you learn of the new rate?
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    On the other hand, when my barber raised his prices, he put a sign on the reception desk a month or so beforehand announcing the upcoming change. To my mind, escorts are more like barbers than they are like Starbucks or the local supermarket.
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    The way I read it was that the client was aware of the rate increase before the next meeting (maybe he saw it in the escort's updated ad), but assumed it only applied to new clients.
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    That's the way I read it too.

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    Sorry, I should have clarified - we were wrapping up a, uh, therapeutic session, and in the past had left the fee on the nightstand without comment. But this time, he smiled and said something like, "uh, mm, ah, it's 300" - since I was in a happy mood, I shrugged it off, and didn't comment - simply peeled off another 50. He did say, "thank you so much" and we hugged. I know, I know, should have said something, but like I said, I was in my happy zone. I'm not terribly assertive and hindsight being 20/20 ...
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    Yeah, that kind of sucks.

    I'm with @not2rowdy and his assertion that an escort should provide some sort of up-front notice to regular or persistent clients. It doesn't have to be a negotiation as he suggested, but notification would be professional. An escort may not be able to keep track of which of his clients have seen him since he raised his rates, but overcommunication would be the best course of action. At the time that the OP scheduled his appointment the escort should have made sure he knew that rates had changed.

    It occurs to me that the OP likes to give gifts. It may be part of the excitement and BFE of the encounter. Scaling back on gifts to cover the rate increase may make these encounters less romantic and more businesslike.

    A rate change of this type provides an opportunity to assess this escort's value against competition at his new rate.
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    So the first you heard of the rate change was when you paid him. Nice. Good thing you had the other $50.
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    I would say that's more than a bit dishonest. He should have mentioned the new rate before you started. I am thinking .... did you go over the time limit maybe? Or request activities that were not 'on the menu'?
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    Nope, just the regular menu of fun stuff. I'm seeing him in a couple of weeks. When I set up the appointment via text, he added something - "great, looking forward to it, etc." and then said I was one of his favorites - hmmm
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    It is a common, but by no means universal, practice for escorts to freeze their rate for established clients.
  20. at the bottom of the text message

    *** all favorites are subject to a $50 upcharge at the time of the appointment *** ;)
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