I want to move to New York and commit to escorting

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    I have a tendency to overthink everything.
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    You realize 1/2 the members of this forum....just passed out...right?

    We are not barely post-pubescent 20 year olds. We are men. It won't be a problem....trust me.

    And those that can't handle it...will die trying.....don't worry.
  3. You’ll do just fine, I assure you.
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    When I first came to nyc, I lived in Brooklyn for a few years and only did outcalls. You make way less that way, but also spend way less. It’s definitely doable, if you choose that route.
  5. Tarte Gogo

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    I assure you if we can't take it in, we'll pay to suck it.
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  7. kaboom35

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    I sent you a private message but I live in Los Angeles and I would be interested in meeting. Can't wait to see your ad.
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  8. BlueSky

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    Housing really is the big stumbling block to getting established in NYC. It's brutal trying to find anything affordable below CP. I honestly think you'd probably never find a place unless you have connections somehow.
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  9. Any freelancer planning to move to NYC and secure a Manhattan apartment needs a reality check even if they’re not an escort. It’s nearly impossible to rent a place here. You will need to show income proof equal to 30x the rent and be able to put down around $10K up front just to get one.
  10. LookingAround

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    It’s actually 40x rent not 30.
  11. BlakeBenz

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    Being a native west-coaster myself, I don’t see why you would ever want to leave LA! Haha.

    However, I had to get up and leave my home town too. I needed change. It was probably the hardest thing I ever did but it built so much character and I’m so proud of myself for where I am now!! So many people told me I was crazy or wouldn’t be able to do it but I did and I was blessed in return for following my heart.

    Realistically NYC is super expensive (+cold ew) and it DOES take time to build your regular clientele. If you’re wanting to make the transition smooth and comfortable, then there’s plenty of great advice here for you. My advice would be if you truly feel deep down you are capable, then sit down and ask yourself how bad you want it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to survive out there? If the answer is yes, then I say go for it. If you don’t limit yourself with doubt and disbelief the universe will always be on your side working in your favor. I truly believe that.

    If I would have listened to everyone who told me I couldn’t do it then I’d still be back in my hometown with the rest of the miserables, and have missed out on all the crazy once in a lifetime opportunities this industry has given me.
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    Maybe I'm not doing the math correctly but is this really that unusual? A friend of mine recently tried to rent a unit in a particularly desirable building in downtown Austin. He had to demonstrate that the rent was not more than 1/3 of his monthly income. Isn't that right in that 30 to 40 times rent area? (Of course I'm assuming you are talking about an annual income of 30 - 40 times the rent!)
  13. LookingAround

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    If your rent is $2000 a month your documented annual income must be $80,000 or more.
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    I think there's a rather large niche for well-hung guys with twink builds. 6.5" thick? Sure that's too much for some guys, but it's the stuff of dreams for many more. Learn to be one of those tops about who clients say, "I can't believe I took him balls deep and it was wonderful."
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    Stay with us out west--we need you! You have been on my "to do" list and we need to connect. Take some extended working trips to NYC if needed.

  16. rogerG

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    Your biggest commitment will be to tenacity. The unrelenting hurdle to overcome will be securing your own lease in a "convenient" area. It is very difficult, almost impossible, for a single person to secure a lease in Manhattan without a credit check, employment info, and minimum salary requirements. With every new year, as prices increase and inventory tightens, the restrictions increase.

    I know three families who said it was easier and less frustrating to purchase an apartment for their college kid than it was too rent. Good luck.
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    “The miserables”, lol! Les Miserables!
  18. Cody Converse

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    From someone looking to move to LA, it's nice to hear this for once when I'm used to hearing "god no don't come here, I've lived here for six centuries and hate every second of it" all the time!
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    The other option (may be simpler, or not, depending on your circumstances) is to pre-pay one year of rent when signing your lease. In that case, no proof of income is required.
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    I do always wonder how those escorts with those lavish apartments in midtown and how they get them, bc obviously you can't use escorting as income and provide paystubs for them :p so they must have rich guys signing off for them, or they probably give some good cock/ass to the renter every now and then hehe
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