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    While the possibility of a Pence presidency gives me a shiver, I believe it would be an upgrade from what we have now, and knowing first-hand that the oval office is under scrutiny and not omnipotent might temper his extremism.
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    The location of the speech was great for policy. He's building a wall to keep out drugs and slashing the budget of the Coast Guard, which is instrumental in keeping drugs out. But he's a victim, so it's not his fault.
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    I hope there are White House tapes because they will make Trump appear even worse...a victim with an extremely limited vocabulary.
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    A Pence Presidency is likely to be a weak one. Pence has compromised himself with his steadfast defense of Trump's craziness, and he may turn out to be implicated to some extent in the Russian scandal, in which case, he could face impeachment himself. He will have to show himself to be a very traditional, responsible kind of President in order to maintain support. He was not elected with a base of popular support (remember that the election signs usually had TRUMP in large print and Pence in much smaller print). Then there is the dilemma of what to do with Trump after he is removed from office. If he is removed for "high crimes and misdemeanors," he would be subject to criminal trial, unless Pence pardoned him, and it is generally conceded that his pardon of Nixon cost Ford his re-election bid in 1976. But if he didn't pardon Trump, the diehard Trump supporters would turn against Pence. If Trump were tried and acquitted of the crimes for which he was impeached, the Pence Presidency would appear even less legitimate. No matter what happens, Pence will probably regret that he accepted the V-P nomination.
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    Whenever I think about this issue, my thoughts turn to a lovely pub near the Tower of London where I dined on my recent visit to the UK.

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  7. I guarantee yinz it won't last, he loves the sound of his own voice especially while yelling.
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    "There is now credible evidence that President Trump pressed then-FBI Director James B. Comey to end the investigation of Michael Flynn, the administration’s first national security advisor. If true, Trump could be guilty of obstruction of justice. But there is no mechanism in place to ensure a truly independent inquiry of this or other possibly illegal actions by high-level Trump officials.

    Congress should therefore renew the independent counsel statute providing for the appointment of a special prosecutor, one who cannot be fired by the president or the attorney general.

    On Wednesday, Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein announced he was appointing former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III as special prosecutor to take over the Justice Department investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Without the protection of the independent counsel law, however, Trump can order Rosenstein to fire Mueller, and fire Rosenstein if he refuses.

    Nor is an investigation by Congress or an independent commission enough. Criminal charges, if warranted, cannot be brought unless there is a prosecutor."

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    Someone edited Wikipedia to remove Trump from Joe Lieberman's law firm's list of clients.


    Oh Look!

    There's nothing more ethical than covering up the truth when you're selecting your next FBI Director. Smh.
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    It was my understanding that Mueller also had special prosecuting powers in his position as special counsel. Hmmm. I guess even some of these legal news contributors are figuring this out too.

    Nevermind. He does.
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  12. An explanation of why the independent counsel statute was allowed to expire and more on the regulations regarding the appointment of special counsel written by someone involved the process.


    When Comey was fired, I called my senators, Congressman and the Senate Intelligence Committee asking them to pass a new independent counsel law. It is a system less susceptible to political pressure.

    But special counsel is what we have now. If Trump interferes or Mueller's investigation is constrained, there might be more public pressure to reinstate the independent counsel law. Public pressure has got us this far. Here's hoping it will get us further if Trump interferes again. (And that if he tries to, Rosenstein resigns rather than fire the special counsel.)
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    Another case of "you can't make this stuff up . . ."

    By my read, the Russians, with their transcript, have further incriminated Trump. In a transcript, which, presumably, the the Russian government stands behind, they revealed that Trump told them he had just fired that "nut job" Comey, that he had been under "intense pressure" because of the Russia probe, and that now the pressure was off, he was no longer under investigation. With friends like that . . . .
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    This story was run by White House staff prior to release and they indicate it's true. Here's the breaking news from NYT

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    And even more bad news for the White House:

    Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say

    The law enforcement investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign has identified a current White House official as a significant person of interest, showing that the probe is reaching into the highest levels of government, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The senior White House adviser under scrutiny by investigators is someone close to the president, according to these people, who would not further identify the official.

    The revelation comes as the investigation also appears to be entering a more overtly active phase, with investigators shifting from work that has remained largely hidden from the public to conducting interviews and using a grand jury to issue subpoenas. The intensity of the probe is expected to accelerate in the coming weeks, the people said.

    "someone close to the president." Hmmm. Jared?
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    you owe me a beer. we posted simultaneously lol OR I owe you a beer.
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    If this pace keeps up we may both need something stronger. o_O
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    All this breaking news dropping moments after Air Force One went wheels-up. Some are saying Trump would have been in the air long enough to watch the news break - but once out in the Atlantic they lose that signal for all cable channels. Although with the planes technology, not sure that's true.