Is this a good idea ...

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by DickyF, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. DickyF

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    ... to post such info and warning on your ad? It would scare me off. BTW I have hired him several times over the last couple of years including 3 weeks ago. This ad though is new.
  2. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    Immediate pass & move on
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  3. WmClarke

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  4. dupontversDC

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    Wow. Before he posted that his ad popped up in DC this week and I texted him, good thing he didn't respond.
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  5. I am laughing so hard right now.
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  6. I was about to!
  7. I'm lost. Why?
  8. AdamSmith

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    As Monty Python would say: What a giveaway!
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  9. bigvalboy

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    He lost me at "Hold on to your tits" :eek:
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  10. Yeah, I can't reach that low.

    Kevin Slater
  11. I'm surprised the ad is still up. I would have expected RM to censor it.
  12. rvwnsd

    rvwnsd Teller of "Like It Is"

    They haven't touched Brodie Sinclair, so not particularly surprised. That said, this guy sounds like an even bigger whack job.
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  13. gentlewick

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    What the hell is that ad? There's three parts, hard to tell which is worse. All three sound like he hasn't quite left "partying" behind...
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  14. Becket

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    He would benefit from the help of an experienced escort.
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  15. I can't run fast enough away from that one!
  16. rvwnsd

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    Who happens to be an experienced rehab and psychological counselor.
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  17. At the ad. I've seen many rants like that on the internet, but never one in the context of pitching a $200 service.
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  18. BSR

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    Lo que la naturaleza no da Salamanca no enseƱa ... basically translates to "you can't teach common sense." While the escort looks pretty young, he should still be able to figure out how disastrously off-putting that ALL CAPS RANT is to anyone who comes across his ad. I can see the value of mentorship for issues such as pricing, building a brand, and managing finances. But it shouldn't be an experienced escort to tell him to scrub that rant from his ad, it should be his own common sense.
  19. azdr0710

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    darn, missed the is now gone
  20. Kufrol

    Kufrol Master

    As somewhat of a novice to this site, I'm wondering if someone could have highjacked his pictures and created a fake ad and profile as an expensive prank or some sort of vengeance. Another thought is that something could have provoked his paranoia which prompted the rant/disclaimer.