Is this real, seems too brutal

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    Could very well be real; there are a few guys who really do crave that kind of pain, but don't do it every week or even every month of the year. I attended a motor cycle run called "Inferno" about 20 years ago and witnessed a consentual scene just about like that.
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    It's real! Some guys crave such a badge of honor. Personally I have never gone as far when playing the sub or Dom so as to cause bleeding. Though once I was beaten up quite badly because I foolishly felt that I had to prove something to myself. However, while I have been bruised and have caused bruising (in consentual situations) it is not something that I would do now or would want done to me now. Flogging and whipping can be done in a responsible way where the desired pain can be produced and bruising can be avoided or at least bruising that disappears in a day or so. The ideal goal in my book is some redness and red marks and marks that won't result in hematoma, black and blue bruising, etc., not to mention bleeding.

    Still, like @honcho I have seen it done and just over the summer where a guy really was beaten up and battered as in the video. It actually troubled me, but as in my case so many years ago it seemed that the guy needed to prove something to himself as it definitely was consentual. Hopefully it's not something that one does on a daily basis!

    Also, from what I could see it seemed that a short single tail whip was used in the video. Single tail whips are the most lethal. I have only been whipped with a single tail by someone in whom I have had the utmost confidence that they would act responsibly. I don't own a single tail, but have experimented with them.
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    Round trip or one way?

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  6. I attended Body Electric's bondage seminar (Power, Surrender, and Intimacy) years ago. One of the guys had a request that any flogging be done to NOT leave any marks, since he was attending this on the down-low. The instructor seemed pretty annoyed at the request; as it ended up, I was his flogging partner and I did my best to not leave marks.
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    In S&M it is the sub who sets the level of intensity. Any instructor who would not honor such a request is off the reservation! It sounds as if the instructor is one of those guys who gets off by inflicting pain as opposed to someone who is turned on by pleasing his partner. Plus, one person's badge of honor is another's delemma where he would have a lot of ''splaining " to do! Plus, it's possible not to leave marks. I have volunteered for demos outdoors at Folsom East and walked away with out any marks.
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    The bruises were too extreme, no I din't enjoy it.
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    Yes, such activity is very real. Some submissives need substantial pain during their Discipline sessions. That's why a well trained Dominant is so important. It's very easy to reach a point where permanent damage occurs.
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    At the conclusion there is a disclaimer regarding what you DID NOT SEE... that is the care and mutual respect taken to make things safe and totally concentual. It is obvious that the sub was given plenty of time to rest and recover during the scene. This is evidenced by the many fadeouts that occurred. Also, a significant time must have elapsed between the opening scene and the final scene as some minor red marks that were evident earlier on were totally gone at the conclusion of the scene. It was hard to determine what type of a device the Dom was using early on, but by the final moments he had definitely switched to a more lethal single tail.

    Also it was obvious that the Dom knew exactly how far to go with each of his accoutrements as during one segment he seemed to be going a bit easier and lighter with his blows, but the sub's reaction indicated an increase in intensity. That indicated that the Dom was using a more lethal weapon and was using it responsibly so as not to cross the line. Of course from my point of view the line was eventually crossed by the end of the scene as the busing was a bit overly intense. However, the line was never really crossed as everything was consensual and the sub actually got what he wanted, craved, and needed to be totally satisfied. Seeing the complete video helped put things into the proper perspective. Thanks to @Walker1 for posting!

    HOT AS ALL HELL and now to quote @honcho , "Now I need to go hurt myself"! ;)
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    Yes, you can see the Dominant's control. I had one sub who needed over-the-knee bare butt spankings to stay balanced and productive in college. It wasn't sexual. It was pure Discipline. I was responsible for holding him Accountable. We only went to black and blue bruising once. That was the most intense session of my BDSM exploration in my twenties.
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    I need to go eat some ice cream!
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    After all that turkey you ate yesterday... Not to mention what you might be feasting on tomorrow!!! ;)
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    I'm even too wimpy to open up the link! :(
    I'll join @funguy for ice cream.
    I might even smear it all over him
    and whip him with my cannoli.
    Ice cream fetish anyone?
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    What do you mean, "might"?
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    Remember, porn is fantasy. As the disclaimer makes clear, the "nuts n bolts" of a true Discipline scene are critical, but "boring" from a fantasy perspective.

    "Finally, no matter what punishments you have used, do not forget aftercare. A punishment session can be exhausting for the submissive, both physically and emotionally. Thus the same procedures for post-scene aftercare apply for mental punishment sessions as well."
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    I'm not sure why but reading that reminded me of some S&M jokes...

    I have an S&M kit. It's brand spanking new.

    Some advice for the S&M Dom aka a Top tip: A gag stops the sub from using the safe word.

    If a masochist goes to hell, he actually goes to heaven???

    How do you really punish a masochist... obviously by not punishing him.

    We're starting our bondage world tour by being bound for London...

    However, getting serious again you are indeed correct in emphasizing the after care aspect of S&M. It's the final step in nurturing the sub back to reality.
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    I used to go to occasional BDSM parties. Scenes like that weren't uncommon.
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