'It Is Over': Congress Certifies Donald Trump's Victory

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    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress certified Donald Trump's presidential victory Friday over the objections of a handful of House Democrats, with Vice President Joe Biden pronouncing, "It is over." -- http://ap.org
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    Congratulations to the Democratic Senators who unanimously refused to join their House counterparts in objecting to the Electoral College vote.

    Congress has wasted enough time....it's time to get to work.

    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    It was funny to watch. The dems kept objecting and Biden kept ruling they were out of order because they didn't have a Senator signed on. They should wear signs on their chests "OUT OF ORDER".

    Quote of the day comes from Uncle "Joe".
    After the idiotic dems filed many motions to NOT allow certification of electoral votes, Biden said "well it's over".

    Just wonder how soon after President Trump takes the oath of office will the first BLM protests begin? Or maybe Hillary will just lose her mind, or Rachel Maddow will start crying, or Obama will have yet another temper tantrum.
    Any guesses?

    America Will Be Great Again
    14 days to go

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  4. I can't imagine your side of the aisle behaving with the class and dignity Dems have shown if yinz are defeated in the Electoral College despite having almost 3 million more votes?
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    Recent media reporting indicates that it is after President Trump takes the oath of office that the real protesting will begin. And so much more than BLM.
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  6. The day after inauguration we will enjoy the Women's March.

    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    And here's some advice from America's sweethearts in case you were considering joing the NAACP protest against Attorney General designee Jeff Sessions:

    America Will Be Great Again
    14 days to go

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  8. Travis69

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    "Done got some stuff twisted"????? Did they go to Trump University??
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  9. sync

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    Or perhaps one of Betsy DeVos' charter schools.
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  10. bigvalboy

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  11. bigjoey

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    More likely, one of the inner-city public schools like Detroit, St Louis, Chicago, etc.
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    Political discourse at its finest from Uncle Tom's girls.
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  13. sync

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    Where they can get an inadequate education for free rather than lining DeVos' pockets to get the same thing.
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    Ha! Now I was going to say that, but was afraid it wouldn't play well in the room. Good job N2T.
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    Watching the "objections" episode in the House was like watching sea hags on parade. It's one thing to make a point and another to look foolish for posterity. Joe Biden showed the most class of all...

    It's Over,

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    The very definition of sycophantic behavior towards the Democrats.

    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Thank you so much for showing the real face of liberalism.
    Liberals believe in identity politics and group-think. If you are something other than a white male, you are put in a box and told what to think and how to think. The harassment and name-calling for going outside the box (leaving the democrat plantation) seems to be far worse for Blacks than for any other. You are ridiculed, taunted, called Uncle Tom, Oreo, etc.
    Any Black that deigns to think for him/herself beware! After all, the dems have been so successful in improving the standard of living for Blacks. Take one look at the # of single parent households, quality of education in the inner cities, dropout rate, the rate of violent crime, gangs, drugs, etc. Anyone HONESTLY think things have improved in the last 40 years? But, Blacks who seek another path, a different solution need to keep quiet. Don't dare to have independent thoughts and think for yourself.

    Liberals prove once again that they are for free speech..... as long as they write the scripts and get final approval.

    America Will Be Great Again
    12 days to go

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    Sorry, you need to educate yourself. Betsy DeVos donates money to education and does not receive money from schools. She and her family have donated money to non-profit schools, colleges, universities, etc to the tune of millions of dollars. Betsy DeVos does not experience "lining" her pockets from charter schools. The University of Michigan where I went to law school got one such gift. Besides schools, institutions like the JFK Center for the Performing Arts are recipients of DeVos donations. Yes, "Christian" schools and institutions got funds but they are all charitable institutions that qualify by the IRS to receive such donations; Lois Learner stamped them "kosher" :)

    Yes, they donate to political candidates but that is separate from their large charitable donations as describe above. Before throwing insults, a little knowledge would help.

    If I am wrong, please tell me how charter schools "line" Betsy DeVos's pockets.
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  19. [​IMG]

  20. sync

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    Let's put pin in it. Thus far I have found a return on investment by exploiting the Flint water crisis, but that's another story. I'll pursue the charter school angle further inspired by my belief that her being welcomed into Donald Trump's den of thieves means there is money to be made from it.
    This has been very interesting so far. I had no idea how much government the DeVos own.
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