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Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by asian sensatin, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if James West still provides escorting services in London and if there is anyway of contacting him? I can't seem to find an ad anywhere for him
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    I'm not aware of James West escorting for some time. I think the last time I saw an ad of his was about 2 years ago. Perhaps you can send him an email and ask politely if he is interested in supplementing his income.

    This post has refreshed some good memories. I enjoyed playing with James a few times. He was a nice guy, thin but with a muscled physique, and he proved to be very compliant (as a good bottom, cocksucker and cum-swallower).
  3. I sent him an email and he does still provide the service so will be meeting him tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

    That is good it refreshed some good memories, that means I am in for a really good time with James :)
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    Good for you. I'm glad you've made a date with him. I don't know what you enjoy doing or having done to you, but I'd urge you to be specific with him. I was very clear with him and he did not disappoint (while I recall that someone complained that James hadn't intuited what he desired).

    I'd very much like to hear back from you (either here or in a private message) as to what shape James is in currently and whether he performed as you expected.