Jocks2Go......Any comments on this escort website?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by newguy, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Or an exclusive. ;)
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  2. caliguy

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    Looking at the site I'll say this. Jocks2Go is hands down way better then a site like Men4rentnow. Then again that's probably not saying much. Just about every site is better then that site.
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    Amen! Don't know who it is, but besides how bad it sucks, the guy who runs Men4rentnow is a dick.
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  4. rvwnsd

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    At one time M4RN was a halfway decent site. In some markets, it had more ads than Rentboy and it had better picture-viewing functionality. Now, well, you said it! If memory serves correctly the owner of M4RN passed away and someone else took over. Whether that is true I don't know, but even before it completely sucked it was filled with expired ads. It will collapse under its own weight.

    As for Jocks2Go, it looks like a thinly-veiled RM knock off. Even the wording around some of the functionality is the same.
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  5. LADoug1

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    Difficult to navigate. Couldn't find rates. Are they listed? Also advanced search is very difficult to use. Actually any kind of search is tough.
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    The only point I like it is that I can see all pics and videos even if I'm not a member.

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    Very strange but Jock2Go emailed me to join my AOL address. When I go to sign up they say you can't have and AOL email address as they can't send email through AOL and about a dozen other sites. WTF? So I can't sign up. Rentmen doesn't allow me to send emails to escorts either because I have an AOL email.
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  8. saminseattle

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    I didn’t know anyone still had aol accounts!

    Anyway, Jock2Go certainly seems to have gotten the emails from RM. My evidence: I received three emails from Jock2Go. One was to an address I have only used to communicate with RM advertisers (when you click “contact me,” then “email me,” and enter an email address). The second was to an email address I only used when I created a RM account so I could leave a review. This was about 6 months ago. A few days later, I changed the email address associated with the RM account, and the third email from Jock2Go was sent to this new address. Again, I only used that email address in connection with RM.

    This raises a few issues. One, it seems all emails entered into RM forms, whether to contact an advertiser through the RM webpage, or those provided in connection with a RM account, are recorded somewhere and retained for at least 6 months. Two, RM does not necessarily keep these email addresses private, since these Jock2Go people appear to have gotten ahold of them as well. Three, since Jock2Go seems to be a competitor to RM, it is possible that RM did not sell them people’s contact information, but that the list may have been stolen/hacked, which again reinforces the idea that information provided to RM is not secure. So, if you are concerned about privacy and discretion, it is probably a good idea to have multiple email addresses to communicate with different parties for different purposes, as well as to keep in mind that third parties may have access to the content of online communications.
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    either that or J2G is owned by rentmen :p
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  10. I might have believed this if the two sites weren't so much alike.

    When the same company owns two 'competing brands,' they have to differentiate in a way that makes sense and keep the general consumer thinking they're being fought over. J2G is nearly a clone of RM. A more colorful facsimile offering nothing more, nothing less.

    If they do indeed own J2G, it was a slapdash way to add to the listing market
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    I will get to the bottom of it!
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  12. body2body

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    I began frequenting RentMen because although most of the guys could be found on RB there would always be a few who were not found on the other site. I also liked the video interviews ( which seem to have gone ) and the ease with which I could check the "preferences" to see how the aligned with my own (also much more difficult now). If someone new can enter the market and offer features that can give me more certainty of an enjoyable experience then I think I would welcome them. What I do not welcome is sending me unsolicited mail. That will piss off many people. If RentMen is selling my info, and I can find evidence of this then I will use A4A, M4RN, or anyone else just on principle.
  13. TopTierTop

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    The feature I offer to give more certainty of an enjoyable experience is to meet in person for a chat over coffee or a drink before we book an appointment. That seems to be appreciated.
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    To see that I'm beauty or beast?
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    Good Grief! You are a scary-escorts!
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    Huh? How did you come up with that idea?? o_O
  17. Good Grief

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    :confused: Understand the gif, somewhat. Please explain the text. NFI.

    Am I a scary escort?
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  18. rvwnsd

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    You can read RM's Privacy Policy here.

    Sections 4 and 5 are the most applicable. Spoiler alert: It is a pretty typical privacy policy.
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    Domain Name:

    Registrant Name: Daniel Savago
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant Street: Richmond Mews
    Registrant Street:
    Registrant City: Westminster
    Registrant State/Province:
    Registrant Postal Code: EC4A 2AH
    Registrant Country: GB
    Registrant Phone: +44.2075588575
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:
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