Joy Reid: Another leftist hypocrite

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    He would grab her by the pussy cause he idolizes his Ruler..... Everything Bozo posts is sickening AND entertaining at the same time because it is just so clueless and void of any Reality.
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    So if a 13 year old girl came up to you while you were making balloon animals for your audience and told you she had been sexually assaulted by someone 32 years old - you would just tell her she's in the wrong place?
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    Yeah, and THAT'S just what REAL guys DO !
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    I enjoy Joy Reed's week-end shows and when she fills in for the week night hosts. So I have no interest in the negative comments in the thread.
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    Joy Reid is a woman with a bitter edge. Remember...there can only be one minority! o_O

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    I'm enjoying the left and right fling insults at each other. This is better than Disneyland!

    Giving no fucks,
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    You have to love the cluelessness of right wing Trumpanzee lunatics and losers who call out someone for being a "pompous windbag" while bootlicking and selling out for the fatass liar and loudmouth freak Treason Trump the #FakePresident.

    Joy Reid evolved on gay rights in the past 20 or so years, like 70% of the country. Meanwhile, the Rethuglican Party still to this very day thinks gays are aborrent and should be second-class citizens. Where's the Trumpanzee outrage over that?

    Nowhere, because they're a bunch of Nazi-fellating homophobic deplorables. Which is why they got their unpatriotic asses kicked in the 2017 elections, a preview of their coming butt-kickings in 2018 and 2020.

    Thank you Fake President Putin-puppet, for Making The Rethuglican Party On Life Support Again.
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    Same can be said for the left. I think imma need more popcorn.

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    Maybe not. If Mueller gets his way, this administration will be gone before the corn pops...
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  10. That's because she's usually not a vile hateful creature on TV the way she always is on Twitter. She's like the Ann Coulter of the neoliberal establishment world, minus the funny/amusing/entertaining personality...

    Joy isn't the only one tho, Neera Tanden, Joan Walsh, Peter Douche, Sasha Stone, Howard Dean, & a few others I'm forgetting about are equally repulsive.
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    I should follow her on Twitter. Thanks.
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    Thank you for posting that map. It's an excellent example of how the American political system represents geography not people. It's an important point you make with it, and the need for some basic democratic reform. A good place to start with your urban based population would be to have one Senator for each State, and one Senator from each of the largest 50 cities. If you have more maps demonstrating the need to update a system of representation based on an agrarian society from the 19th century, please post them as well. Thank you Bozo.
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    By that metric, parties are always on life support. Americans never have been and never will be satisfied with our political system. Discontent and protest are in our DNA. Young people overwhelmingly vote Democratic and that is not going to change. The majority of Americans are sick of clueless white guys feeding into bothsideism nonsense that does nothing but give aid and comfort to the right wing. That's why Democrats won the 2017 elections and are picking up red seats everywhere. The dog and pony show is over.
  15. Aaron_Bauder

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    Nah, it cannot be said that the left is homophobic. That's fence-sitting bullshit.

    Hope you enjoyed your popcorn as much as I enjoyed the 2017 elections.
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    Rilke and Satie? Now THAT's a combination I never thought of.
  17. Your standard for vile hatefulness is pretty low, then.
  18. If they're tired of the current system, then put in the work to organize a new party. Otherwise it's just a bunch of people flapping their gums.

    By the way, if that party succeeds, it will ultimately replace at least one of the current parties.
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    If he did nothing wrong, why did Flynn lie to both the VP and the FBI?
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    You have no problem switching the topic to @nynakedtop. We have lost count of how often you have hijacked a thread.

    Bozo, Donald Trump ran for president to make money, improve his brand. He never expected to actually become president. Think a little for once. Trump has no close friends.

    He has a doctor who wrote that Donald Trump was in excellent condition while a limo waited outside. Trump is incapable of reading bills so can not effectively lobby members of Congress. His family is part of the know nothing entourage.
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