Judy Garland "Over The Rainbow" (1963 Christmas Show)

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    Judy Garland seldom sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz" on television. The last time was at the end of her 1963 Christmas Show. She sang it to her youngest children, Lorna and Joe. Judy Garland died in London in 1969.
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    The greatest entertainer of the 20th century. I had the good fortune to see her live twice and she was unlike any performer, at once larger than life and so personal and intimate at the same time. Phenomenal!
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    Yes, I agree when I saw her perform at Boston Garden when I was a freshman in college in 1961.

    But when I saw Judy Garland perform twice in New York in 1967 her voice had declined. She still could be very good, especially at Felt Forum, part of Madison Square Garden, but the troubles of her off-stage life were evident in her concerts.
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    Like mother, like daughter.

    I've seen Liza in concert in the last few years. She's first and foremost an entertainer. She knows how to hold an audience in her hands. But the voice is mostly shot. A hard life has taken its toll.

    (And I'll go see her again because the good moments are just SO good!)
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    The same with Judy Garland at Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, Christmas week in 1967. After complaining too much about the half finished venue and accepting Christmas gifts from the audience, she sang "all night." All these years later I still remember "The Battle Hymn of The Republic" with a large choir and "Give My Regards to Broadway," in a terrific new arrangement.
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    That was my exact experience of seeing/hearing Chuck Berry perform in 1982 in a very small venue on the outskirts of New Haven.
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    @glennnn You must have seen her perform before her weekly television show was cancelled in 1964 because Judy Garland's voice declined after what may have been a suicide attempt in Hong Kong a few weeks later in 1964. In fact, I remember the lead story on the evening was that she was near death in a Hong Kong hospital.
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