Just read "A guide to Brazil sauna pricing" pinned thread but...

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  1. It's from 2005, I'd imagine pricing has changed no? Any help is appreciated :-D
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    Go to http://www.boytoy.com and check out the up-to-date information regarding fees charged by the sauna guys. Apparently, to date, the initial fee asked is R$70 - R$80
    reais, but read what some of the recent visitors have posted. R$100 is asked; it's not the equivalent of $100 US, so don't get too alarmed if a guy requests that!

    [The website doesn't work from what I posted, so type into your browser. Ever since the webmaster went through an upgrade a few months back, it's been difficult for some of us to obtain it!]
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  3. Tks!!! :-D
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    I just returned from just over 2 weeks in Sao Paulo. At Lagoa the current asking rate is R100 but some do request R150. I can't speak Portuguese but if you could, and could be bothered, you may be able to do some bargaining. I just accepted the rate asked.
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    Thanks for sharing. Today's [14.11.16] exchange rate is quoted as being R$100 = $29 US. There is definitely no reason for bargaining. Yes, 100 sounds big, but it pales in its value against other currencies.
    [I write merely as an FYI, not to castigate or judge!]
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