Key West: Bourbon Street Pub

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    Key West
    Bourbon Street Pub
    724 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040
    Dancers from 10:00pm until 4:00am
    Cover Charge: Sometimes $5.00, often nothing

    Type of Club: This is a big busy video bar, with guys both nude and in g-strings dancing on the bar.

    Type of dancers: Good mix. Some Europeans and Latins. Ages from 20 to mid-thirties. Mostly in very good shape. .

    Description of club: Big, usually crowded. The crowd is young to middle aged. Very good video DJ with dance videos on screen around the room. Small dance floor. With a dark side at the back of the bar where the dancers get naked. There is currently some construction going on in the back of the building for a separate bar which I hear is going to be totally nude dancers with two VIP rooms. Supposed to open later this year(2005)

    General information: Tipping on the bar is anything from a $1.00 to $5.00. The more you tip, obviously the more willing the guys are to let you play with them a bit. There is a private room for lap dances. Prices negotiable but in the range of $20 a song. You can also talk to the guys about coming out with you later. That's entirely between you and the guy. They will generally charge $100 to $200 for an hour at your hotel. They have to stay at the Club usually until 1:30 OR 2:00, depending on how busy it is. Or you can arrange for an afternoon session at your hotel the next day if you don't want to stay up late.
    Also, the dancers work out at the gym at Island House ( in the late afternoon between 4:00pm and 8:00pm Also, sometimes you'll find some of the dancers back at Island House late (after 3:00am) if they are horny and didn't score anyone at the bar.
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    Bourbon Street

    Definitely the most interesting of the few Bars running in Key West. As long as the Boys keep Dancing! :D

    One of the reasons Relocating for JT by 2010 is something to look forward to. Definitely not a W20 Club environment Financially or Visually..BUT Interesting! ;)
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    good review - thanks for the informtion
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    Hey guys -- any recent info/reviews on the Bourbon Street Pub in Key West? I'll be there this weekend and would love to know current info.
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    Regarding the Burbon Street Pub, I was there back in November on my annual visit to what the natives reference as Bone Island. At least back then and during the week they started to charge a cover at 10 PM. I did not realize that, but somehow the first night I walked in a bit after 10 and for some reason nobody charged me anything. The following night I went with a friend who lives in Key West and he was surprised that I was able to get in for free. Still we made sure to get there before 10 and sure enough on the dot of 10 they started charging. However, it seemed that a few regulars were let in for free. Perhaps I looked like a regular that first night?

    The crowd is mixed male and female with two bars in the main outer section. In addition there is a back bar that is all male, clothing optional, and with a pool. I've been there a few times in previous years and never saw anyone who partook of said "option".

    At any rate, prior to 10 PM there is not much action. The several dancers hang around outside to attract customers, many of whom are female. At 10 they hop on the two bars in the outer main section and do their thing. Every time I've gone the guys were decent and there was always at least one smoking hot guy that you would want get it on with. This year there was a beauty from Brazil. However, the guys are not overly interactive. Though my friend did say that there is a room in the back of the outer bar area where some of the dancers have been known to hook up with patrons. Last year I did have my eye on a hot guy, but when he approached and started speaking I instantly knew at it would not work. Other than get a peak in the pants of the Brazilian guy this past November I basically watched and enjoyed the eye candy.

    I have only been there during the week and never on a weekend. Things might be different on Friday and Saturday evenings. However, I would guess that the loud music, videos and the crowd would be the same. Possibly, they might have more of an A Team dancing, but according to my friend there is usually a core group of guys that seem to be dancing most of the time.

    Check their website for any special activity that might be in the works for when you will be there:

    Incidentally, across the street at 801 Duval is the Bourbon Bar which is their sister establishment, and I use the term "sister" jokingly because they feature drag queens. Other that that its just another Key West bar. A few years ago I cracked up when a grandma and grandpa walked by, went in, and had no clue where they were going. This was followed by a guy who was drunk out of his mind and and was Flirting with a couple of the "girls". Incidentally, that year they also had a neon sign on the side of the establishment the originally read "The Chum Bucket" referencing the fishing industry where someone obliterated the "h" to make it read "The Cum Bucket"! That was three or four years ago. I guess the city fathers or some puritanical organization made them take it down!
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    One more thought on the Bourbon Street Pub:

    This year the nights that I was there all the dancers were stripped down to their somewhat skimpy skivvies. In past years I have seen some guys get totally naked, but they restricted themselves to the back side wall of the outer section which was not visible from the street. Those were the guys who seemed to be looking to drum up some additional "business" as the private area is supposedly just behind that wall. Not sure what the deal would be for more than that, but I would guess that's the 2005 posting by the OP would give you some indication as not much (other than pricing) has changed within the past ten-plus years regarding how the "oldest profession" operates...