Killer has been ARRESTED / His death was ruled a homicide

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    Sad news. Thanks Taz for sharing. Many of us knew him.

    His club, Escuelita's, used to host male dancers. La Boyzz occasionally held their all male events there. Every time I went, Big Ben, the owner, was there. Read the club closed in 2016. Hadn't been there in years.
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    Tragic. He was, like all of us, a complicated soul, also a great one.

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    I went a lot to La Escuelita, back in the 90s. QEPD
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    Big Ben its Buffdaddy if you can hear me!! Rest in peace my friend! Thanks for being there all the time for us. Big Ben came through for us after we were asked to leave Fairytale Lounge, after Buffboyzz built that place up from nothing, and I mean nothing!! Many of a day I sat with Big Ben up in his office. Big Ben was one of us. We lost another of the old guard!!
  6. True Story. I never found out why Buff boyz was asked to leave. They had the sluttiest "dancers" lol. I have to get out to Long Island one of these days for the Showworld party. If their dancers would do the things they would do for a few lap dance songs behind barely veiled curtains (more like cheesecloth really) I can't imagine what they'd do in private rooms for a few songs (which ShowWorld II has)
  7. True Story, I never found out why BuffBoyz was asked to leave fairy tail lounge. They had the sluttiest "dancers" and the things some would do behind those thinly veiled curtains for a few songs was quite something. I have to get out to Long Island one of these days to try the ShowWorld II venue. I mean if these guys were doing what they were doing behind cheesecloth thin curtains for a few sheckles I can just imagine what they do in a private room with the door closed for a few lap dances and still only 20 bucks a song! but ugh... travelling to Long Island and back. bleh LOL. Still want to give it a go tho.
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    The two times I made it to the BuffBoyz event at the Fairytale Lounge I had a great time. The flimsy curtains did nothing to dampen the spirit of those hot guys. Too bad I don't have a set of ruby slippers or I'd be in Long Island weekend.
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    Jezzus ! Who was this Daquan King ?
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    I completely disagree. I am WELL versed in erotic asphyxiation. It's virtually impossible to KILL somebody without you REALIZING that they are dying, by asphyxiation. It takes a few minutes to knock out a person, and a minute or two more to kill them. Either this guy had intent of malice or he is the world's dumbest escort. It's really obvious that you've gone too far in the breath control game. This really only happens when people try to go it ALONE.
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    While that may be true for healthy individuals, is it the same thing for an older person who is severely overweight? I would think it would take less to kill someone whose system is already under significant strain. That's the kind of weight that comes with heart issues. e.g he probably had a shorter time to unconsciousness and he could have had a heart attack at the same time.
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    A friend of mine hired an escort a couple of years ago. He was into being slapped, amongst other things, and got the escort to slap him across the face. The escort was very experienced in BDSM, and had slapped plenty of people without incident. On this occasion, unfortunately, he broke my friend's jaw. Ultimately the escort was convicted of ABH. There are a few activities that I will never indulge in with clients or hook-ups simply because it's too easy to harm somebody. Being involved in the BDSM community in London I've known of a few people who have been practicing breath play for decades who have been accidentally killed while doing it in the past few years. They may only represent a handful of cases, but it's reason enough for me to be very wary.
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    AGAIN: I've slapped a LOT of people over the years, during a session of sub/DOM play....and you're clearly WAY off your mark if you hit someone THAT hard, that you break their jaw. Likewise ANYONE who's experienced in breath control play KNOWS that you don't choke anyone to the point of "knock out". Without risk. You can collapse their trachea, and cause permanent damage and yes, death. This is why I always caution people wishing to explore BDSM to hire a SKILLED PROFESSIONAL and NOT someone who "kinda-sorta" knows what that means.
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    According to both the escort who was prosecuted and my friend (the "victim") the slap wasn't especially hard, just at an unfortunate angle. The people I refer to who were experienced in breath play presumably had similar knowledge to you, yet they still ultimately died at the hands of people who were meant to be skilled at it.

    As an aside is it really necessary to use block capitals to emphasise the words you consider to be important? The only other place I've ever seen that used is in the British tabloids, and it really grates on me. If your sentences are well constructed, and your argument clear, it really shouldn't be necessary.
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    It's classic emphasis formatting in writing. I can't help you personally, if it bothers you. I am classically educated. Maybe you don't chat with many other people with my background of education. But that's just how I write. Sorry.
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    Maybe not. My Harvard educated partner and our various Ivy League educated friends have never used it when communicating with me. Nor did I ever see it used while gaining my law degree. I suppose that 'classical' doesn't refer to a specific level or quality of education, but I would have thought that some of the people I know would have attended schools that subscribed to a classical education philosophy. Unfortunately my only experience of it is '90s Sun articles that condescendingly referred to any homosexual as "GAY", just so their readers knew when to feel absolute disgust.
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