Landon Mycles for the holidays

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by DrHeadinLA, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. DrHeadinLA

    DrHeadinLA Newbie

    I've heard on good authority that Landon is going to be tan, taught and available in Los Angeles in December
  2. Hot!


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  3. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    Here's hoping for my personal "Christmas Miracle", keep me (I mean us!) informed
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  4. markpaul

    markpaul Knight

    Who are the other hunky men. I would enjoy having any of them under my Christmas tree.
  5. Scorpio

    Scorpio Count

    L-R: Landon Mycles (aka Marcus Mojo), Samual O'Toole, Austin Wilde and Rod Daily
  6. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    Four six packs, that a full case, and I think the only cure is more Kow Bell.
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  7. Topseed

    Topseed Knight

    I guessing you mean "taut".

    Now that I think of it, there are several things I'd like to teach how to call me, "Sir" while I'm pounding his fine ass....
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  8. tennisjock

    tennisjock Viscount

    Does he have a ad up anywhere? Thanks
  9. He does not good as sharp anymore in the last videos I've seen. Check updated pictures before hiring.
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  10. cooldemo03

    cooldemo03 Knight

    Landon/Marcus is one of my all time favorites. If this is true, please tell us when, and how much? Hope his rate is overly high. He's worth it, but it is the holidays so my budget only goes so far.
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  11. atlgaboy

    atlgaboy Master

    Longtime Marcus/Landon fan here...somehow his RM ad from 2012 still shows up on my 'buddy list' and his rate from 4+ years ago was noted as $600 for out call and $2500 for overnight.

    DrHead...that's some potentially big news for a first ever post here...when do you think you'll know more from your 'good authority'?? Anxious to hear more! Thanks....
  12. manmed

    manmed Knight

    My all time favorites. Seems like a nice personality too. Wouldn't mind breaking the bank for him.
  13. cooldemo03

    cooldemo03 Knight

    Landon is the hottest out of these four, hands down. And the above pic, wow he is a stud.
  14. Jon Royce

    Jon Royce Master

    An all night three way with Landon and Austin would be WILD. Yum.
  15. cooldemo03

    cooldemo03 Knight

    So any news on Landon? I haven't seen any ads for him anywhere.
  16. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    one-post-wonder Dr Head logged in a half-hour ago to look at this/his news, evidently....not even a how-do-you-do......

    I'm sure many here would like to know more....
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  17. Ukkir

    Ukkir Newbie

    Always wondered if he escorted. Would like to hear more!
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  18. DrHeadinLA

    DrHeadinLA Newbie

    Start checking for an ad by mid-week.

    He's a great guy and good hang. Affectionate, strong and kind; just looking in his baby blue eyes is enough for me to get excited. He's recently been in the gym twice a day preparing for some bodywork modeling he'll be doing while in LA. As a result, he's tan with huge arms and a bright smile.

    I recommend the full experience. Let me know what you think.
  19. tennisjock

    tennisjock Viscount

    DrHead ..thanks for the heads up. When did you last see Landon?
  20. DrHeadinLA

    DrHeadinLA Newbie


    To those who have questions about my single-post status; I speak a couple of languages but bullshit isn't one.

    The ad is up :
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