Landon Mycles for the holidays

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by DrHeadinLA, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. cooldemo03

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    I'm lusting after Landon all over again after seeing this new add. But boy 450 is a bit much. 600 for the 2 hours is a better deal, breaking down to 300 an hour. Idk, I want him badly, but with the holidays money is tighter. I thought he lived in LA, is he only in LA for the holidays?
  2. topinla

    topinla Journeyman

    Damn!! I want him but I'm off to Canada for a week then on to NYC for New Years.
  3. builder boy

    builder boy Knight

    2500 a nite?!!! Pass
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  4. cooldemo03

    cooldemo03 Knight

    Another thing is he needs to get better pics in the ad. A few you can barely see, and two are mostly the same one.
  5. hwic04

    hwic04 Master

    I would gladly pay his price, but.....I googled smoking hunks Marcus Mojo. From what I know, smoking hunks has his latest videos. Nowhere near his old shape. Would love to know if he's now back to his prime.
  6. CatnameFelix

    CatnameFelix Knight

    orientation: ask me...
    position: ask me...

    I feel I don't have to:rolleyes:
  7. MikeBiDude

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    Let the negative pile on begin!!
    (Technically this is a scrum)
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  8. bigvalboy

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    Well as Topseed said once, "I'd gladly pound him into the sheets" :D
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  9. MikeBiDude

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    Well my prior +1 plus reply now = +2....
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  10. Topseed

    Topseed Knight

    I have a date set up to pound Landon into the sheets. Yes, I'll write a review.
  11. bigvalboy

    bigvalboy Regent

  12. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    Yay!!! Keep us in the loop!
  13. "Naturally smooth"?
    not that I'm complaining about the fur at all. :)
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  14. SteelFan

    SteelFan Master

    He needs to verify his pics... Otherwise it seems like it could be fake
  15. jimboivyo

    jimboivyo Count

    those images on the profile are dated. he hasn't been that cut in awhile
  16. Sandlapp

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    "Landon Mycles For the Holidays" sounds like a porn feature I'd pay for!
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  17. Zander

    Zander Newbie

    He comes to Atlanta often, I can check his schedule on when he will be shooting in Atlanta again, he is cute but also a straight guy he is only gay4pay, but fun to be with and to have a conversation with him
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  18. cooldemo03

    cooldemo03 Knight

    He doesn't seem like a total straight guy in his vids, of course maybe he's just a great actor. He sure sucks dick like a pro. In any case, does that mean he is limited on what he will do with clients?
  19. Reisr30

    Reisr30 Journeyman

    Does he ever travel to NYC? Is this a one time thing or is he based in LA?
  20. Zander

    Zander Newbie