Landon Mycles for the holidays

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by DrHeadinLA, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Nebost

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    He is one of my all time favorites, I'm considering travel to LA.

    However, I noticed Anal is missing from the list of things he is into:
    "Feet | Kissing | Nipples | Spanking | Socks | Wrestling | Jocks | Muscle | Rimming | Shaving | Oral"
    I'm wondering if he is regarding his service as more of a muscle worship sort of deal...something I'd need clarification about if I were to really go through with meeting.
  2. MikeBiDude

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    Help me out @Nebost , where are you seeing this list?
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  3. Nebost

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    Interesting, I don't see it on the ad anymore, but I did a direct 'cut and paste', so it must have been there previously.
  4. MikeBiDude

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    Can you post a link to anyone's Rentmen ad that has a list(s) like,that?
  5. CatnameFelix

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  6. MscleLovr

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    IIRC it was the infamous Steven Draker who revealed here some years ago that Landon then at least was married, gay4pay but happy to do everything in bed with a man.
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  7. MikeBiDude

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    Ahhhh, it's rentDOTmen vs a Rentmen that has "will do lists"...I still default to older
  8. Tonyko

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    I heard same thing way back during his Mojo days from a guy who danced/stripped w him. Also remember seeing some behind the scenes pix where he's obvs looking at chick porn on his phone between shooting. Guess he's just one of those rare G4P guys w no limits and I say rare because many, like some of my fave CF G4P guys Dawson Lucas Connor etc had no limits on film but didn't extend it to escorting. (at least not publically with Ads, Dawson I heard did accept occasional fan meetings if the opp arose, Connor (my FAVE) is married now and I never heard of him doing private meetings (damn lol) .
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  9. big-n-tall

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    Dawson has an ad for sometime. He denied it was him publicly (he was under contract with CF), but it has been verified it's him by someone I trust. There is a stream of posts about it on the forum. Lucas and Connor I have no idea about.
  10. and it could be that you're logged in on, but not - that happens to me a lot. When you're logged in, you see more information than when you're not.
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  11. Tonyko

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    Thanks I read them now, pretty much confirms what I'd heard, that he was "available" thru priv contact even w/o an ad. He's in a long term relationship with a woman and like many ex-stars is shooting for an entrepenuerial career in the fitness field. Re Connor never heard of him scorting, married now, perhaps looks even better now than his CF days. Re Lucas, last I saw of him he started a contracting co and was the focus of a network news watchdog series (under his real name obvs) accused of starting jobs then dissappearing and not finishing etc. CAIN, also one of my faves, also never a whiff of him scorting, has joined what seems to be common ranks about these boys, striving to get as big as poss and turn pro BB.
  12. Seanboiswimmer

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    Do you have any news on Travis from CF?
  13. DrHeadinLA

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    As long as it's safe I think Landon is willing to do what it takes to please a client.

    He's not married nor does he have kids. Just traveling, modeling and staying in shape these days.
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  14. Reisr30

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    Do you happen to know if he travels to NYC or publishes his travel schedule?
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  15. Brian

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    Has anybody been with Landon Mycles during his current visit to LA? Worth the price? Thanks!
  16. cooldemo03

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    There was a poster here that had an appointment with Marcus/Landon. He said he would post a review. But not sure when that review will come out.
  17. hwic04

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    Bump. So has anyone hired Landon since he's been escorting again?
  18. MikeBiDude

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  19. MikeBiDude

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    Well Rentmen shows his last login as a Boxing Day 12/26/16. And my RM email to him has not been opened?
  20. atlgaboy

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    RM ad/profile also notes that it has expired. :(