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Discussion in 'Traveling Members' started by ericwinters, Jun 26, 2017.

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    Remember back when we had more choice on which airline to pick from? I recall US Airways would put out a last minute list the week before of flights with great deals. Any such programs now?

    All I find are the Travelocity like sites that force you to pic a destination... I'm looking for a deal first then a destination. Anyone know how to do this?
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    Skyscanner - Flights, Hotels & Cars by Skyscanner

    This is a link to the iOS app - I don't know if there is an Android one.

    It has an "Explore Everywhere" feature where you can enter your departure city and, optionally, approximate dates of travel and it will list destinations in ascending order of fare - domestic and international.

    There is a web site - - but I've found it to be not quite as intuitive.
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    I remember the weekly "Cyberfare" emails from Northwest (back before they merged with Delta). They were a lot clearer than the ones I get now from Orbitz and the like, they'll advertise "$79 to Chicago!" or something like that, but when I follow the link, I don't see any $79 fares.
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    Many airlines will do this if you register on their websites, being Australian based, I get weekly emails from Qantas,Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Garuda- Indonesia, Singapore, KLM etc.
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    Is it not August 21 that domestic fares are slashed for 1 day; August 22 for international fares?
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    I have not heard of this.... are you pulling our legs? :rolleyes:o_O:confused:
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    Saw it on the news 2 weeks ago.
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    I've often seen heavily discounted fares advertised, often with very short windows, but usually you have to be lucky to score one of them. More often you'll find good deals (although not great) if you hunt around. I have a few overseas trips that I hope to take, but have no set time I want to take them, so I check fares every so often for two, four or six weeks out to see what's available. It varies, but there are discounted economy, premium economy and business class fares at times. (I've usually missed the good deals.) Looking at Australia to US fares, I've found that departing from Canberra (small airport, easy procedures) is only marginally different from using Sydney or Melbourne (and far easier), and having onward travel from the US gateway is only marginally more expensive than a fare to the gateway, even with a stopover there. You'll get a good idea checking flight costs on an aggregator, but often you'll need to go to the airline site to get the best deal. TB mentioned that he had a good deal to BKK on Qatar, and I've found that there are some really good prices with them from Australia to NYC, especially for business class. Know what you want and do your research!
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