Lisbon Escorts - Racism?

Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by HarryC, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know about my experiences dealing with an escort in Lisbon. I'm travelling there soon and contacted a guy called Hugo on whatsapp to see if we could meet up. Initially he was very interested and I told him I'll contact him closer to the time.

    I was looking at other escorts today and found another one called Bruno (FirstclassB on planetromeo). Turns out the number was the same as Hugo's! So I did ask who exactly I was talking to. Upon this, Hugo/Bruno got very defensive and told me who am I to ask and am I a journalist who's digging deep and theyre a couple.

    He then asks if I'm the guy in the pic. I said yes so he goes he's not interested fat black guys (I'm Indian). I called him out on that and he goes blacks shouldn't even be considered a person. I'm actually apalled because in my years of meeting escorts, I've NEVER encountered anything like this before and I really don't even know how to deal with this. Just wanted to let you guys know.

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations could you please let me know? I would like to meet someone while I'm there but given this experience I'm a bit wary too.
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    Southern Europe (think Italy, Spain, Portugal) is still quite openly racist. Soccer fans in those countries regularly mock black footballers or any black politician that gets into office. As far as how to handle it? Just forget about it and move onto another profile. I'm sure there are plenty of escorts in Lisbon that would be happy to spend time with you and make some money in the process. I'm sure there are plenty of Brazilian escorts in Lisbon. They tend to be very open-minded.
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    Go to Brazil, you will be treated like a king there. The Brazilian guys only care about making money, no attitude. Low hourly/overnight rates, you get treated like a king, not bad at all. Last time I was in Brazil, I was treated like a "King" there. Surrounded by so many beautiful Brazilian men (cheap rates), awesome time in Brazil. :p:p:p

    Thiago, a Brazilian escort travels often to Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, etc). You may want to give him a try, he's extremely hot. He's currently in NYC now, I'm not sure when he will go back to Europe.
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    Of course you were hurt. If I had been in your shoes, I would also have been bothered by this blatant racial hatred and outright bigotry. Thanks for sharing, for the guys who posted before me gave you some salient guidance. Move on and seek out others who might not be ignorant and overtly racially biased!

    As a black man- I've have not encountered any overt racism while hiring escorts. In fact, a very popular escort in the States, about a decade ago, had in his ad that he preferred NOT to accept the company of black clients. I wrote to him; he responded afterwards and did see me, not once but twice or thrice! He explained in person and proceeded to give me a stellar time, being very good company, indeed.

    [Guys, please don't write me to ask to whom I am referring here! Although he still escorts, he's moved on from this position!]
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    Sorry I thought I had replied to this earlier but clearly I hadn't. THanks for all your input. Had a great time in Lisbon and there were plenty of guys who didn't care about that and ensured I had a good time!! ;)
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  6. Thank you for your last post. I was upset at the threads tone, labeling Lisbon as racist just because one incident.
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    You are a very tolerant and diplomatic individual. If an escort's ad states any dismissals (age, race, weight, culture, etc.) that might apply to me, I move on from it. I would never make a plea for an escort to take my money.
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    Wow [​IMG] I'm not in NYC but I'd be all over that if I were.
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    It's hard to get in touch with him.
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    It's funny in straight escort ads (female advertising) you'll see stuff like "no black men under 35" or simply "no black men". My impression is they're either concerned about being robbed, not getting paid or something else.

    I'm black but I feel people have a right to determine whom they want to service in an intimate fashion. There are other fish in the sea
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  12. irfy

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    Yes but to go and say black people are not even human is something that needs to be challenged irrespective if you are hiring or not.
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    Sure challenge him, I'm not sure what can be accomplished. Besides I'm not particularly concerned about the opinions of someone that sells themselves to men on a daily basis.
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    I definitely agree with you that anyone can chose who they offer intimate services to thus, there is no need to challenge that person about it, however I think the second part of your response is a bit unnerving, I know some blokes who 'sell' themselves to men that are pretty smart and cool and might have very good opinions; well, unless that escort is disrespectful or discriminatory. I know where you coming from but...well just saying.